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Our Food Supply: Deadly “Soft Kill” Secrets Revealed


Google search of Toxic Chemicals in our Supply


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  1. Health of Cloned Foals Examined in New Study
    by: Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc
    July 30 2010, Article # 16743

    Compared to other species, cloning horses is still in its infancy. Cloning is becoming increasingly popular, yet the health of these artificially-produced foals has not been assessed in detail.

    “There is very little information on the health of cloned foals currently available,” said Aime Johnson, DVM, Dipl. ACT, from the J.T. Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

    To better understand the health of cloned foals, Johnson and colleagues reviewed the physical examination findings and laboratory data (blood work, etc.) from 14 foals produced at Texas A&M University’s laboratory between 2004 and 2008.

    The cloned foals involved in this study were all produced using a technique called “somatic cell nuclear transfer.” This technique involves taking the genetic material (DNA) from a cell donated from an adult horse and transferring it into an egg cell, then placing the egg into a recipient mare’s uterus.

    “In total, six of the 14 foals, or 43%, were normal,” relayed Johnson.

    In the remaining eight foals, the following abnormalities were most commonly noted:

    * Neonatal maladjustment (dummy foal);
    * Enlarged umbilical remnant; and
    * Angular limb deformities of the forelimbs.

    Johnson noted, “While two of these eight foals died within one week of foaling, all of the [above-described] conditions resolved in the remaining six foals with appropriate medical and surgical management.”

    All 12 surviving foals were healthy at the time Johnson’s report was published.

    “This data indicates that foals derived from nuclear transfer should foal at a center equipped to handle critical care neonates,” advised Johnson.

    The study, “Physical and clinicopathologic findings in foals derived by use of somatic cell nuclear transfer: 14 cases (2004-2008),” was published in the May 1, 2010, edition of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

    The abstract is available on PubMed.

  2. The choices we make today, can and do come back to us.
    This is what I think will happen to the USA…
    God’s tool to destroy nations WILL turn and come back to us, so saith the Lord.
    For that bad Karma is building up and it will be used upon us, just as it is being used against others.

    • Hope can be found in the Gospels and in Revelations.
      In the mean time, Innocent victims always pay for the cost of war…it is the nature of the hatred, greed, jealously of the beast which drives it.

      Have fun at your BBQ—I have mowing to do…YUCK and the temps are to get to 100+ today….

      Enjoyed the chat girlfriend! 😉

  3. The ‘apple’ theory is one I grew up with.
    But I have since discovered and I agree with this, it was really about sex, and it was Eve having sex with the ‘serpent’—a mixing of DNA that was not what God intended.
    Beginning with the first twins. Cain was a mix of Angel with human, and Abel was Adam’s seed….
    Cain killed Abel because he was jealous…..and we have seen this battle replayed repeatedly over and over again thru known history
    All the great prophets are from the seed of Adam and Eve, thru the line of Seth, not Cain.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Mankind is not able to do the ‘right’ thing in all cases. One good intent ends up being used for a double evil intent by another. It is just the way it is. Playing God is not what was intended when we were created.
    The secret knowledge we see today was once held by our caretakers on earth and it was they who changed God’s plan for us.
    It is hard to recognize the real problem anymore, as we are so used to having material things that have been created from this once sacred knowledge.

    • I understand what you are saying, but doesn’t this all go back to the original first sin committed? Eating from the Tree of Knowledge? The one and only thing God forbade man to do at that time.

    • Also, the punishment of the Ages is coming for those original fallen ones that rebelled against God. What is centuries and ages here on earth, may be just a few minutes of time to God. Who’s to know for sure?
      From my research, God loves the fallen ones and and has put off their punishment because of this. However, His wrath is great and everything corrupted by them, along with themselves, shall be dealt with in the end times by Our Father in Heaven.

  5. I agree to a great extent. It is man kind that uses the knowledge that God has given for evil and that knowledge has been used repeatedly to enslave the seed of Adam.
    On another hand, according to some of my research, this ‘knowledge’ was never intended for man to ‘know’, this info was given to mankind via the fallen ones/fallen angels and it is they who defiled God’s Creations.

  6. They have been harvesting human embryos for years—I heard that women that had hysterectomies may have been donors and not even KNOWN it?
    I have a friend who found that out and she has been sick at heart ever since.
    I mean who asks about WHERE those organs go when the doctor says this surgery is needed? I didn’t ask either and now I wonder???

  7. They know no shame and think they are gods with their monstrosities they create but the REAL Father in Heaven will show them who the real Creator is and will destroy their evil off the face of the earth like he has many times in the past.

    • I agree God uses mankind and nature to enact and enforce His will upon the earth.
      I found this lesson hard to swallow yesterday when it was pointed out to me as I was researching. The spirit led me to the book of Jeremiah 49-51.
      Sometimes our Father in Heaven has to hit me between the eyes with a 2 x4, but I totally got it and felt His word.

      Who am I to judge His will or the way in which he chooses to enforce or to take his vengeance? It was not my intent to do such, but to only point out the horrors of war and to point out truth of what was taking place, but…and I say BUT, that was not my job, thus why my report about ending the illegal wars has been removed.

  8. Genetic Modified Blood—who the hell KNOWS what’s in that stuff?? Like the movie Avatar…..or V……the DNA of Adam’s seed is being changed from that which God created.

  9. They now have figured out ways to genetically create blood and are either using it or plan to use it in the battle field—
    These are indeed ominous times girlfriend.

  10. I hear ya….we have been hearing about all these things for years and now more and more the truth is coming out. Seems even our Teflon cookware is a threat to our health.
    The USDA is one of the main problems and has been for years. They term all these toxic chemicals as “Food Additives” in order to fool the public.

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