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What we call Progressive/Communist/Socialist/Liberalism are all CORE forms of  Zionism Ideology and IMO ALL equal the Luciferan-Kenite (sons of Cain) agenda.
Understand, Our Heavenly Father’s TRUE ZION is RIGHTEOUS, but it is the Kenites who transformed/disguised themselves who claim they are “Jews” who have stolen the term Zion and have redefined it to further their agenda (II Cor 11:13-15, Rev 2:9 & 3:9, John 8:44, Mat 23), and for thousands of years have massed produced their revision, thru —the 4 hidden dynasties,  Education, Financial, Political and Religion, what we know as the NWO,  which system shall receive a deadly wound and be healed and all nations shall give their power to the Beast of the Sea, a ONE World Government System, with Satan as False Christ ruling over it. Rev 13, Dan 8 & 11, II Thess 2
When God’s natural laws are exchanged for man-made laws such as the Noahide Laws and what we see within our current legal system and judicial courts here in the USA,  it becomes clear that a great agenda is unfolding before our eyes.
If we are not with them, then we are against them, thus a threat to their party agenda and must be destroyed, but ‘who is them”? That is KEY to finding the truth. They have hidden themselves well within everything we know and inside every part of our society from government to media, to private industry.
Communism aka Zionism, etc is a Kenite political party, cloaked as a jewish religion or Judaism. Once you learn to separate the two for what they truly are, then TRUTH can be found. The difference in the term you use defines whether or not you will be called an Anti-Semite for naming a spade a spade. If a person is a Communist and claim to be a Jew, they are a Communist Jew claimer. (I call them claimers because to call yourself a “Jew” refers to being a Hebrew from the tribe of Judah (our TRUE brother Judah–how many do you know who can trace their genealogy to Judah? Most claim to be “Jew” and are so by “adoption” into their political “zionist” party.)  and/or from the land of Judea–(Kenites claimed this association long ago, Joshua 9, I Chron 2:55, Ezra 2:58-63, Nehemiah 7, Jer 35) this country has not existed since God Himself dispersed the tribes for their sins against Him and will NOT be joined together again until The LORD’S Day–Ez 37)
Since Communism and Zionism are core, the same thing, they are interchangeable, but the later term from the deceivers and “politically correct law givers” of deception, results in you being called and defamed as a racist or Anti-semite. (Which is also most doubtful since most who claim this are NOT even of the Semitic Tribes!) The Kenites use this term “Anti-semite” to label, prevent, defame any who question their evil policies and atrocities against mankind.
Please understand and DISCERN between the two.  As Christians, we know them by their Fruits.
1. There are descendents of the tribe of Judah (our brother) who exist today and are TRUE Judah  “Jews”, but they are not many in number.
2. There have been those (Kenites) who infiltrated -mixed with the tribe of Judah as well as the other tribes of Israel who are Hypocrites (Play Actors) who CLAIM they are something they are NOT (Nethinims, Rechabites to name 2), but are the synagogue of Satan, the Kenites are the bloodline of Cain, the offspring of Satan via his beguiling and seduction of Eve.

Com-Zion is more like a Radical “Jewish” religion because it is politically motivated using religion as its ‘black op’ shield. Their “policy” was that “Jewish” life had no value unless it promoted THEIR creation of Israel and the secret was to annihilate non-political Zionist Jews and everyone else for that matter such as the TRUE descendants of the tribe of Judah, this included all 12 tribes of the True descendants of  the tribes of Israel-Jacob, who had migrated to Europe,  Christians, etc, who did not follow their agenda.

(Are we in the USA beginning to see some of this same hateful thinking being displayed by our leaders towards those who do not follow their agendas?  The DHS sending out memos and making public statements calling other Red-blooded American’s “Domestic terrorists” because we protest corruption ring a bell of things to come? The AGENDA is all important, nothing else matters and the end justifies the means–get it yet?)

We can compare our current times to the rise of  Hitler, who also had problems with some of the same issues. In 1933, a very unusual and little known alliance was created with the Third Reich and the political party of Zionist called the Haavara Agreement aka Transfer Agreement to bring 60,000 “Jews” (Not 6 million) along with their wealth to Palestine, even though in 1928,  Birobidzhan was established for a European “Jewish” nation. Below is a coin even to honor that commemorative “Transfer” moment in 1933 into the Palestine territory.

“Palastina-eln Nazi Fahrtnach” with a Hexagram (there is no such thing as the “star of David” in the Bible!! or Torah) on one side and ‘Underazhlt Davonim Angriff” with a Swastika on the other.
Another strange occurrence was that the only flags allowed to fly in Germany under the third Reich, was the Swastika and the blue & White flag of Zionism, both with a common goal to force “Jews” to leave Germany for Palestine.

“Rothchild” invented the “star of David” and their standard is the white flag with the blue Hexagram …they are of the house of Cain, the 1st wrothchild. Gen 4:5

I personally believe Hitler had a problem with the communist “Jews”,  Lenin and Karl Marx-aka-Moses Levy Mordecai or Mordecai Levi,  are examples of  the ideology taking over Germany during that era.  Political correctness did not exist so much back then and like we are doing today in this country towards Islam, the cleansing of the real Semitic jewry along with ALL who did not follow the agenda and zionist party began on 9/11 and has been fanned into a shark frenzy hype in the media.

Now, In more current times, understand this, WORDS DO MATTER, Kenites are very good at changing definitions of common everyday words that we are used to, redefining them for their personal agenda, after the Socialist and Communist took over the Democratic party, they insisted that they be  “political correct”,  high-jacked and redefined the term”Liberals”.  Recently,  more and more  “Red-blooded America Loving Patriots” have FINALLY figured out the Nation destroying policies of  the “ReDefined & HiJacked Democrat Party” and are aware exactly what being a ” Liberal Democrat”  MEANS today, which  usually equals either a Communist or a Commie lite socialist. The Zionist part is more referred to the Republicans and they are labeled “Neo-Cons”, but understand the Zionist Party is on BOTH sides of the isle, their agenda is the same, they pose from both sides in order to push their agenda, one bite at a time until all is fulfilled.

I remember a time, only two years ago, though it seems like a life time now, when I naively considered myself a “Liberal”. That was before the presidential election in 2007, and before I saw just how vicious, hateful, arrogant, condemning, racist, anti-American, anti-family, anti-life, anti-patriotic, anti-moral, anti-principled, the new Democratic party had become.

I’ll also include the Republicans who pose as one thing but are NOT and there are quite a few of them posing out there,  so please study your candidates carefully before voting for them.

That these Anti-American’s dare claim they are FOR the working man is such a deception of ethics and morality, it is hard to find words to describe their betrayal and treason. That they have greedily and selfishly exchanged our nations founding documents and demonize the hardships that our ancestors endured for the FAILED ideology of Karl Marx and his ilk,  is beyond belief in the eyes of this Red-blooded America Loving Patriot!

It is PAST time for ALL Americans that LOVE this country to STAND UP and be counted!

Sitting on the fence will cost us all the Nation we love. The Nation that allows We The People the most freedoms and liberties allowed in the world.

This Nation was formed from HARDY STOCK. We ALL have horror stories in common handed down from our ancestors, but we as a Nation, have found that UNITED we STAND!

What many fail to understand and realize is that the Commies/Liberals/Progressives/Socialist/Marxist understand that concept and use EVERY special interest group to divide us to further THEIR agendas!!

The Kenite plan is VERY simple once you understand what motivates the Luciferian agenda and have a glimmer of who is behind their viral disease of hate, they simply are preparing the way for their father Satan to return as False Christ. Rev 12 & 13, II Thess 2, Mark 13, Mat 24, Luke 21

Our Heavenly Father is SO GOOD to us, it is WRITTEN in the KJV Bible for all to read and discern for themselves.

We are the generation of the Fig Tree, Jer 24 tells us that Good and Bad figs would return to God’s Holy Land and that came to pass and was established  in 1948. It is the time of the Gentiles, and all things shall happen, just as they are written in the WORD of GOD.  The restoration of the kingdom of our King of Kings and Lord of Lords approaches, Praise the MOST HIGH. His mighty Will be done. Amen

I hope that all will find my short “rant” and research in a ‘nutshell”  helpful.

Marxist Education: during the dictatorship of the proletariat

Karl Marx quote:

“Our task is not to champion the degrading of the revolutionary to the level of an amateur, but to raise the amateurs to the level of revolutionaries.” https://lisaintx.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/obamas-transparency/


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Marx, Engels, Lenin?: The Origins of Communism and the Russian Revolution

Karl Marx was the revolutionary thinker whose ideas gave rise to communism. In common with many revolutionaries he saw the destruction of the family as the first step in the achievement of his goals. Why? Because the family is key to passing the social, cultural, and religious ideals of the established order on to the next generation. Families tend to curb antisocial behaviour.
1. denoting behavior that violates the rights of others, societal mores, or the law.

2. denoting the specific personality traits seen in antisocial personality disorder.  behavior and block radical changes. Marx saw the family as the means by which the establishment defended what he called “outmoded out·mod·ed ideology.

A little history about COMMUNISM !! Read it “Liberals”, you MIGHT learn something useful!

They speak with forked tongues about  “Fairness, Equality, Security” but what they really offer is nothing less than ENSLAVEMENT and DEPENDENCY to the government for which THEY STAND.


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