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The BIG Lie:Reconstruction of the Democractic Party


How INTERESTING that baby Barack and his Socialist Workers Party aka Democrat Party, now claim to be the party of the minority, when history tells a different story.

My family were Democrats. Not sure if it was  by ‘choice’  or due in part  to geographical location and/or the Reconstruction of the South.

I don’t recall any memories of ‘slave ownership”, but I do remember talk and the anger at the carpet-beggars/ THIEVES that came in and took land and possessions from most returning from the war.

Under the dictates of the Radical Republicans, the US Congress passed the punitive Reconstruction Act of 1867 over Pres. Andrew Johnson’s veto and the prior wishes of  Pres. Lincoln.

This act sought to rebuild the governments of the Southern states into the Northern mold and ensure the civil rights of the freed blacks. The members of the existing state governments in the South, made up of the leaders of the Confederacy, were removed, and the states were place under the military rule of the US Army. No one who had supported the Confederate government was allowed to vote or hold political office. As a result, the states were controlled by scalawags and carpetbaggers and the military rulers of the Radical Republican Congress.

Some 200,000 US soldiers were stationed throughout the South to preserve order and carry out the dictates of Congress. These military commanders had virtually unlimited power. What is seldom discussed is that the war in the South did not end after 4 years and the signing of surrender by Gen. Robert E. Lee, but lasted another 10 years!! Some of it I’m sure was due to those that would not follow anti-slavery laws, but in most cases, it was the average NON-slave owner, just folks trying to move forward, provide a living and shelter,  for their families that were hurt from these unscrupulous Radicals.  And such was their life, until 1877, when Rutherford B. Hayes agreed to return the states to home rule in exchange for Southern support in his bid for the presidency.

It is from this ancestry that memories were passed down to me and from this that I find my Southern Pride.  Not from the horrible injustice of slavery, but from ancestors that not only survived the Civil War, but also the years of horror and hardship that came after. (Note: I had ancestors that served in the Northern army and also the South, as many did during that era.)

Here is a photo from my grandmother’s photo album. My father is the little boy holding the boat paddle. 1920’s


What the South was REALLY fighting for!

The Night They Drove Ole’ Dixie Down:

Black Confederate in Ringold

A Tribute To Our Black Confederate Heroes by Heritage Not Hate Productions

“Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy, that our youths will be taught by Northern school teachers; learn from Northern school books THEIR version of the war.” —–Confederate General Patrick Cleburne, 1864


Is Secession legal??


Character: Lee and Jackson

“Let each man resolve to be victorious, and that the right of self-government, liberty, and peace shall find him a defender.” –Robert E. Lee

“[M]y religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.” –Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson

Today we take a moment to remember the birth anniversaries of Robert E. Lee (Jan. 19) and Stonewall Jackson (Jan. 21), two of the greatest military commanders in American history. They also were great men of faith who gave their all (Jackson his life) for the cause of liberty and states’ rights, which we at The Patriot hold so dear. Some may question our decision to honor men of the Confederate States of America, but we encourage those readers to consider our correction of the record. The honor we give these men has its roots in the founding of this great nation.

Mark Alexander notes in his essay,”Lincoln’s Legacy at 200,” that “the causal case for states’ rights is most aptly demonstrated by the words and actions of Gen. Lee, who detested slavery and opposed secession. In 1860, however, Gen. Lee declined Lincoln’s request that he take command of the Army of the Potomac, saying that his first allegiance was to his home state of Virginia: ‘I have, therefore, resigned my commission in the army, and save in defense of my native state… I hope I may never be called on to draw my sword.’ He would, soon thereafter, take command of the Army of Northern Virginia, rallying his officers with these words: ‘Let each man resolve to be victorious, and that the right of self-government, liberty, and peace shall find him a defender.'”


15 thoughts on “The BIG Lie:Reconstruction of the Democractic Party

  1. Thank you for your comment. I went thru several “learning Years” of the political which helped to prepare me for the FULL TRUTH of what was taking place. The four Horns of power that have been used against us: Education, Political, Financial and Religion. Satan and his children are busy gathering these worldly powers for when he is cast from heaven onto the earth defacto. Rev 13

    Satan will appear as the Lamb, but is the dragon here to deceive all who will worship and take his mark in their mind.
    Don’t be deceived by him or his “angels” that are cast out with him. They are the DESTROYERS, the Desolators. Rev. 9
    Peace to you

  2. #
    LisaInTX Says:

    09/29/2009 at 8:43 am e

    I would say you need to stop watching msnbc and the other communist news sources. They are keeping YOU on the plantain and have feed you their communist spew for so long, it’s hard to see the truth.
    State RIGHTS are ABOVE and SEPARATE from the centralized POWER GRABBING government…..I suggest reading the CONSTITUTION to LEARN exactly how our system was created and then you’ll understand just how far from it we have moved.
    As to the South, I refer you BACK to the Constitution in order to LEARN exactly what took place on the secession of the states—AND look up the Morill Tariff Tax…And most “whites” have forgotten the history, because it was the North that won and re-wrote history as THEY wanted it to appear, not the truth of the matter.
    Also, Being a “Conservative’ is NOT a party—-it is a WAY OF LIFE…..
    LisaInTX Says:

    09/30/2009 at 8:51 pm e

    Also Sam
    How many Northerners owned slaves? That war was over property taxes… and the UNFAIR distribution of them to the North and not to the South.
    Slavery is WRONG and it was just that it ended, but do not be fooled into thinking that the Civil war was started over it….only when Lee was knocking at Lincoln’s door, did he USE that as an incentive to get MORE men to fight his UNJUST and SENSELESS war. Most of the Southern blacks were being ENSLAVED into service of the North AGAINST their will….now tell me that was right?
    Two wrongs NEVER make a right!!

  3. Sam Says:

    09/29/2009 at 4:17 am e

    It’s so funny that right winger’s claim to hate big government YET it was Bush and evil Cheney that spent and borrowed on historic levels! Cheney said ” debt does not matter! ” YOUR Iraq War will, after interest over decades, cost $ 40,000 PER FAMILY !!!$$$$$

    And to defend the Confederate cause, SICK ! As a military history student for decades, I’m sure there was no other cause for the Civil War than SLAVERY !! The states rights phony issue was only to “explain it” without sounding racist. The Southern soldier, sometimes trained at West Point, fought well and bravely often, but their cause was simply SICK! ! !

    I’ve asked my fellow white friends who believe this Southern Myth how they would feel if blacks had been the slave owner’s, if their great-grandparents had been sold off, assaulted, hunted by and treated like dogs if simply trying to be free? Some of them suddenly see the light, they actually become more like real Christians!

    Obama is not perfect but he is far better than Bush or evil Cheney! Don’t blame the fireman for a little water damage when trying to save the house!

    I grew up as a Barry Goldwater conservative, but found too much hatred and nutty idiots in the Republican Party, just like Boehner or other fools!

  4. I have grown SO SICK of being deemed a racist, terrorist, extremist, a republican, un-american, etc….they can STUFF ALL their ‘LABELS” up their butts!!!

    I’m AN AMERICAN and I am PISSED OFF at the CORRUPTION, the LIES, the FRAUD, TWISTING THE TRUTH to suit their agenda on BOTH sides, WASTING our TAX dollars on absolutely STUPID Stuff!!! Who the heck ARE these people????? What gives them the right to do this crap to We The People??? I KNOW I sure didn’t and I’m TIRED of it!!!
    They have ethics of junk yard dogs and a stray cat in heat!

  5. Kynk
    Thank you and you are SO RIGHT ON!! If our nation was SO RACIST—just how the heck DID Obama get elected since white folk is the majority??? Oh yeah….voter fraud right??? Hmmmm?

  6. Arlene
    I think you are onto something there!! The RACE BAITING is coming from HIGHER ups in BOTH parties, filtered down to the ‘little people’ in doses of radical revolution rhetoric to further their personal agendas. That agenda is power and greed and has little to nothing to do with “Fairness, Social Justice, Civil Rights”….those are the empty lies they use to gain support for their causes.

  7. Lisa
    And another thing … Obama as a “so-called” black person, does not have a historical stake in this country. I still do not believe that he was born here.

    • I agree on that aspect for sure!
      Obama’s lame attempts to ‘act like a black American’ is really laughable to the extreme!! I find it ‘racist’ of him that he disregards his ‘white-half’ as though it does not exist.
      I personally accept all my ancestors in my lineage and thank each and every one of them, because without them preservering thru all the hardships, I would not exist today.

  8. If the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) becomes an illegal organizational for ANY member of congress to join, then I truly believe that we as a national will see great progress.

    I strongly suggest that every person go to the “meet the candidate” forum for 2010 elections of every black person who is running for office. And the question to ask is:

    “Are you going to join the Congressional Black Caucus if you get elected” If that black candidate says ‘yes’, then I suggest that one work their ass off to see that such candidate does not win the election.

  9. Excerpt from wikipedia regarding J.C. Watts:

    “Representative J. C. Watts of Oklahoma, who became the first black member of Congress who elected not to join the group because of its closely Democratic affiliation and goals.[4] Watts said of his refusal to join the caucus, “…they said that I had sold out and Uncle Tom. And I said well, they deserve to have that view. But I have my thoughts. And I think they’re race-hustling poverty pimps.” White members of Congress have never been welcomed into the caucus, although CBC by-laws specifically prohibit any discrimination.”


  10. Great job Lisa, racism is a dead end street, our country (unfortunately) elected a black president, now 9 months later we are racist. It just does not hold water, and was a weak attempt at diversion from the real issues, Obama and his administration doesn’t know what the hell they are doing!! They thought with all there popularity they could get away with murder, NOPE!!!

  11. Lisa,
    I feel that the congressional black caucus is partly to blame for holding black folks back. They would rather see young black girls sell their bodies than to let them live descent lives. When black democrats get voted in office (as a house member), they join the black caucus. They deny membership to whites, yet they claim in their bylaws that they do not discriminate.

    I became recently aware of just how racially divisive they were when that ACORN vote was done the other day. I looked up J.C. Watts who was a republican congressman from Oklahoma – a black man. Its said said that the black caucus tried to get him to join. But Watts REFUSED.

  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compromise_of_1877

    “Historians argue that the agreement should not be called a compromise (Peskin, 1973). Others emphasize that the Republican party abandoned the Southern Blacks (DeSantis, 1982) to racist Democratic party rule. In any case, Reconstruction ended, and the supremacy of the Democratic Party in the South was cemented with the ascent of the “Redeemer” governments that displaced the Republican governments. After the Compromise of 1877, white supremacy generally caused the South to vote Democratic in elections for federal office (the “Solid South”) until 1966″

    Lisa says, Perhaps it is THIS time frame that the Democratic party became that of Karl Marx??? And I disagree about the “White Supremacy” above. I think that most cultures/races usually hang together because we feel more comfort and at ease within our own “groups”, but thankfully, in today’s society, this shyness/difference is becoming less of a barrier. Defining ones “group” can be resolved easily by having something in common with another and skin color has NOTHING to do with it. Either way, this does not make any of us ‘racists’….just human.

  13. Hayes’ most controversial domestic act – apart from ending Reconstruction – came with his response to the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, in which employees of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad walked off the job and were joined across the country by thousands of workers in their own and sympathetic industries. When the labor disputes exploded into riots in several cities, Hayes called in federal troops, who, for the first time in U.S. history, fired on the striking workers, killing more than 70. Although the troops eventually managed to restore the peace, working people and industrialists alike were displeased with the military intervention. Workers feared that the federal government had turned permanently against them, while industrialists feared that such brutal action would spark revolution along the lines of the European Revolutions of 1848.

    During his presidency, Hayes signed a number of bills including one signed on February 15, 1879 which, for the first time, allowed female attorneys to argue cases before the Supreme Court of the United States.

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