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Bloodmoon July 27 2018 the 9th of AV

AV 9-10th day, History shows us two great destruction’s happened in this month in Jerusalem which also destroyed the man-made temple also referred to as the House of God., The Holy Place, The Sanctuary. Is this timing important for Christian’s today to be aware of and learn from? Time will tell God Bless and let us stay Watchful.


5 thoughts on “Bloodmoon July 27 2018 the 9th of AV

    • Hi Donna, Thank you for posting this link and information. Jesus warned us and we can discern that preparations are being made for the revealing of the False Messiah. Let us be watchful of changing events my sister. God Bless You

  1. DEAR LISA, Thank you for this latest update. One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the civil unrest from the daily newscasts. People don’t even even stop to think where this inner rage is coming from.But those who have studies with Pastor Arnold MURRAY FOR ANY length of time know exactly what is happening. I know this, my prayer life has increased exponentially..there has to be a counterbalance point somewhere. Your friend and watcher for our coming king, COME, LORD JESUS! HOLLY ROSE LAWRENCE

    • You are very welcome for the video update and for your comment. 🙂 Things are sure heating up around the world just as Jesus warned us and are written they would be. So thankful to both Pastor Murray’s for teaching God’s Word and thankful that Our Heavenly Father led me to them to learn of Him. God Bless you sister Holly and let us stay watchful and in prayer in these crazy times. Amen Come Lord Jesus Come, Blessed is He that comes in the name of the LORD. 🙂

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