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Socialism: Fiery Red Dragon

Seeing RED Socialism Communism in all the nations? What does it mean for our future? Where does it lead? This video is my opinion on some of the things going on and where I see it leading us. God Bless and let us stay watchful of changing events and stay in prayer for discernment.


6 thoughts on “Socialism: Fiery Red Dragon

  1. Rosehips, ….you are entitled to your opinion…..but for MY MONEY, the best out there for general care, is Homeopathy. it’s good enuf for the Queen of England and her mother, John D.Rockefeller and many others ……but things like broken bones need a doctor etc. Homeopathy is fun to learn as well and is not expensive either…..one just needs to make a paradigm shift in how they look at it….not tuff at all……

  2. Lisa, what music did you use in the video? I didn’t notice any attribution. Did they allow you to use it for free?

  3. Canada has a better health care system which is socialized medicine. We need this so desperately. The ACA was a compromise. We need to create the best damn socialistic medical system in the world. Nothing else will take care of all those in need. Do we really want to leave our health care system in the hands of capitalists? Do you think that is the answer? What would Jesus say about this insane world where Trump is king of America? I think he would be appalled.

  4. What countries do you see Communism in? Communism is crumbling around the world. Don’t mis-associate socialism for communism. They are different. There are lots of countries who are socialistic that are better off than we are. We have socialism but it’s being threatened. We must fight against the attack on Medicare and Social Security. These are two great examples of socialism in America that is now being threatened by the right. Please stop this attack on the most needy.

    • Rose, if you took time to watch the video, Communism is not crumbling around the world, it has infiltrated into ALL the nations and is an antichrist agenda to bring in the ONE WORLD ORDER. Jesus would indeed be appalled no doubt, but not for the reasons you think. To steal from those who earned their wages is NOT “Christian” way, but Satan’s way as he is the THIEF in the night and his followers are greedy, corrupt, deceiving liars. Socialism is controled by corrupt leadership and is destroying the economy of Europe, Canada and USA as well. This proves that these programs, no matter that they may have been started with ‘good intentions” have been corrupted, exploited by greedy people who do not care about the people that money was stolen from, but they use it for agendas to destroy the people.
      The music is FREE and offered on YT….
      The attack on the poor is from the left, not the right who is tired of being ripped off by the corrupt programs that wicked ones have perverted for their wicked political gains.
      And HI, good to talk with you too. 🙂

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