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Goldman Sucs and GM Ponzie Schemes

Nice racket they have going here!! No losers for the Obama “Fat Cats” gratis at the expense of the American people! Thank you oh wise and fearless leaders of Senate and House for ALLLLLLLLLL you do for and to us! @#$%$#@!#$#$@$@#$

Government Motors Ponzie Scheme


Something else I heard was that Ted Turner and Prince Charles applied to purchase “abandoned homes”/ properties in New Orleans??  (Not verified yet, but something to think on.)

IMO–Katrina was the beginning of the US depopulation that was in our faces, just as the lack of response to secure our borders from invasion.
They want us gone from those areas shown on the “Bio-diversity map” in the link above and will do what ever it takes to keep us upset and in chaos to push their agenda–and will continue to overwhelm our economy in the process.
They are buying up foreclosures and many banks are refusing to refinance loans because it is more lucrative not to do so…thus the person no longer matters, they are kicked out on the street, homeless, after they have been fleeced from the beginning to the end of the home purchase.

The lawsmakers say they want MORE people to be a homeowner, but their laws make it where those who are not responsible citizens get into a home for almost nothing, and then the banks, backed mostly by the government, go in and repo the houses for a profit when the folks walk out—this is a scam and people are not understanding the depth of this ponzie scheme….which makes Madoff look like a saint!
All of this equals taking away private ownership and our ownership rights. The modified loans from a source I read a while back refers to the owners as “Tenants”, no longer does the writing state we own the property aka “Premises” as long as we pay for it, but we never own it….and are allowed to live there at THEIR disgression which they retain the right to expell us at anytime, for any reason.

IMO-This is the same scheme hatched out in Israel under Rothchild and WHY they want all those native “Palestinians” to get off  ‘their” land so they can expand their borders from the Euphrates to the Nile, represented by the blue stripes on their flag.  Gog and Magog, The Mongols,  are the northern tribes and have taken control of the Holy Land.

The American people just do not realize yet, WHO owns America and our  illusion of freedom, liberty and equality have ended and now the REAL agenda is in our faces. Once the disaster in the Gulf is fully unleashed inland,  and property is deemed uninhabitable and ‘worthless” from the contamination, then the vultures will buy up that which they do not own and the game will be visible for all to see.  This ponzie scheme is taking place, not only in the Gulf, but all over the USA right now. (The Gulf has a bigger role to play out in the future—perhaps a catalyst of extreme proportions?)  Look to the Map and see the truth of the housing markets hit the hardest and see where I’m coming from.

I pray I’m wrong, and for the Lord’s  mercy upon the USA,  but all the pieces of the puzzle lead to this outcome.  We need to all prepare for the spiritual battle that is upon us my friends.  The material world is coming to an end.


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  2. For those who can hear and see behind the facade of LIES….the bankers and gangsters in DC have destroyed our housing market to take over all private property in America not already owned by them. They do not want to do the “Modified” loans because it does not further THEIR agenda, the individual does not matter, they have been reduced to mere tenants of suffrage in their eye.
    An agreement by which the owner of a chattel lets it out on hire and undertakes that it shall become the property of the hirer when the hirer has paid the last of a certain number of payments specified in the agreement. Until then no property in the chattel passes to the hirer. (This has been modified and the word TENANT has been replaced for Hirer—now it reads differently, so those who are granted this Modified loan, need to review it carefully before signing such documents—each can vary from state to state, and if my suspicions are right, the “Tenant” will only be LEASING the property from the owner and never own the land in the future, but remain as a tenant even after all the ‘debt is paid on the property. Consult an attorney to be sure of what you are signing in the future.)
    Holdover Tenant
    One who remains in possession of the premises after the term of his lease has expired. Also called a Tenant at Suffrage.

    Suttmeier: Home Prices to Plunge Another 50 Percent‏

    Home prices are poised for another big tumble because the housing market is only showing more signs of weakness, said Richard Suttmeier of ValuEngine.com.

    As pending home sales continue to dip throughout the country, more deterioration is expected.

    Houses could lose more than half of their current value, based on the S&P/Case-Shiller index, Suttmeier told Yahoo Finance TechTicker.

    “If it gets back, like stocks, back to the 1999-2000 levels, that’s another 50 percent down in home prices,” he said.

    Ailing community banks and a lackluster job market are to blame, Suttmeier said.

    Short sales of homes will become more common since results from the mortgage modification program have been weak, he said. (Yeah, weakened by the FRAUD that has been committed on the American People to depose us of our private property)

    “People are going to be surprised when they see there have been short sales,” Suttmeier said.

    Short sales only further push down the value of homes in a certain neighborhood, he said.

    Consumer confidence has also dipped severely along with home sales, Bloomberg reported.

    “The economy has entered a soft patch. Households are continuing to soldier on, albeit without much vigor,” said Richard DeKaser, chief economist at Woodley Park Research in Washington.

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  3. hungry
    I think that our corrupt government Powers that be—claim that everyone who is NOT with and for their agenda is a “Terrorist or part of a Terrorist agenda and cell”…..We The People aka “Domestic Terrorist Tea-Baggers”, have just merely had a taste of what they plan to do to EVERYONE that is NOT conforming to their Luciferian NWO plans, thus those who oppose or resist, must be polarized, labeled and destroyed…..
    That so many American’s are STILL buying into the whole “Terrorist Ji-had” thing, just goes to show that the Luciferian Networks, their Polls, their “Consensus” are doing their homework to keep the fires of LIES and Hatred to the igniting point….
    I hope and pray that more awaken before the entire ME populace is wiped off the face of the earth!

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