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Fall of America and The Rise of The Antichrist: Lindsey Williams explains with Alex Jones

Fall of America and The Rise of The Antichrist

Lindsey Williams reveals new bombshell information on the Alex Jones Show today. Williams, who has been an ordained Baptist minister for nearly 30 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary and because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he was given access to the information that is documented in his book, The Energy Non-Crisis. In 2009, Williams told Alex Jones about the plan by the global elite to sabotage the dollar, destroy the economy and America by 2012.

Williams warns, “Watch Russia and China, NOT the Middle East!”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5   Ordinances being passed in AZ to shut the doors on local churches for ANY REASON!

Devil’s Messiah is also discussed. World Council of Churches. When the dollar is destroyed you’ll have to covert your gold/silver to pay for your property taxes.

Part 6


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13 thoughts on “Fall of America and The Rise of The Antichrist: Lindsey Williams explains with Alex Jones

  1. This was posted on the wrong post, so I moved it over here to be on topic.
    Thanks for the info Hungry!
    hungry4food says:
    10/24/2010 at 10:41 am

    Without an audit of the FEDERAL RESERVE we will never know …..how badly mis-managed our Dollars have been …..

    How do we not know if Obama untraceable donations came from this Federal Reserve via Federal Reserve Bailouts to foreigners ” That Started in the 4th quarter of 2007 “, that then turned that Money around and bought those on line credit cards and donated some of the funds to the 08 Obama Campaign ??? check out the first 3-4 minutes of action With Rep Allan Grayson questioning Ben Bernanke with Barney Frank Chairing the Hearing in the Video link at Bottom it talks about the Federal Reserve starting the foreign investor bailouts as early as 2007 plenty of time for Obama to get the donations …

    WE the People of the USA have Been SCAMMED BEN BERNANKE SHOULD BE IN JAIL !!!!!! WHY didn’t Chairman Barney FRANK And REP Allen Grayson Call for BEN Bernanke’s RESIGNATION ON THE SPOT HERE IN THIS VIDEO ???
    Its Time to END the FEDERAL RESERVE its Doing Nothing but taking DOWN the USA !!!!
    THIS is TREASON against the American people too Stick the American people with a Foreign Bailout for WHAT ??? And make them Pay Higher Taxes for something they Had NO IDEA was Happening , Jail is the ONLY answer here !! Enough is Enough !!!

    And while Harry REID says HE saved us from DEPRESSION , sounds like he should be telling us who He , the FED RESERVE and CONGRESS REALLY BAILED OUT !!!!!!!!

    ask the Voters if they want more of the same Do Nothing Congress that Let this Crap go on and ON ????

  2. Lisa, These videos only reinforce what I already believe. This country has been sold out by our government.The USA and it’s people have been pimped out by our government for years and as US citizens we are nothing more than prostitutes exploited by these corrupt politicians. This country is going down the tubes and no election is going to save it. The smart people have to prepare for anything at this point. I don’t believe this coming election will change anything instead only slow things down. We are modern day Rome another fallen empire. The same is and will happen here. You just can’t ignore history. History is doomed to repeat itself.

  3. Great Topic! Great Blog! I am sure my comment will be gone by tomorrow.

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