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Swayze: Kindred spirit

patrick1Patrick Swayze and Tammen

My heart aches for his mom and wife Lisa.

Patrick was an inspiration to so many. His movie Tiger Warsaw was truly one of his best IMO….and his performance in the mini-series North and South as Ory Main, was outstanding.

As I saw it, Patrick always conveyed his “gentleman, yet rugged” nature in the characters he portrayed.

My video collection includes Roadhouse, Next of Kin, Red Dawn were other personal favorites and Dirty Dancing—WOW—hubba, hubba…. could that Texan dance!!!! And sing too!! I love the song She’s Like the Wind!! Absolutely beautiful.

Furthermore, his love of the Arabian Horse Breed is shared by this fellow Texan and understood on a personal level.

I am unable to state his loss better than the following quote from the ArabHorse.com site listed below, written  by Beth Hunziker.

“….To the majority of the world, Patrick Swayze was best known as a movie star, and for his dramatic parts in the box-office hits; “Dirty Dancing”, “Ghost”, and the epic mini-series, “North and South”. Less epic, but equally memorable were his appearances on Saturday Night Live, and the unforgettably funny “Chippendale” skit he performed with the late Chris Farley. It was nothing short of hysterical. The list of Swayze’s movies goes on and on, and although they were quite diverse in subject – ranging from “Road House” and “The Outsiders”, to “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar” – there was a common element in each one of them. It seems to me that Patrick Swayze always played characters that were genuine and true to themselves, men who we would have liked to have had as friends; men with hearts and souls.

That’s how most people will remember Patrick Swayze, but to the people of the Arabian horse community, he was more like a famous family member. We shared something very special – a deep love and respect for the Arabian horse….”



Patrick with Tammen:

Barbara Walters Special with Patrick and his wife Lisa:

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Part 2 of 5

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Part 5 of 5

Patrick showing Tammen at Arabian Horse Show in Kentucky:

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