AntiChrist Revealed-2014!

Originally published 1st on YT: May 3, 2013 under my RememberPaulRevere Channel


Researching and documenting what is a swarm of the Locusts and how the Scorpion is compared to what Satan and his fallen angels shall do when they arrive to those who are not SPIRITUALLY WATCHFUL of his many deceptions and lies.



READ THE WORD of GOD for yourself, and when scripture comes up that you do not fully understand, go to PRAYER and ask if be the WILL of our Heavenly Father, that He Please Guide you in HIS WISDOM and HIS TRUTH, to give you DISCERNMENT that those things in question be Revealed to you.

People are getting really WEIRD out there lately, more so than normal…Not sure what is going on, but take your questions to the LORD. And Do not harden your heart to TRUTH of the Scriptures when they are presented by a brother or sister, but listen and DISCERN with the HELP of the LORD. Study to show yourself Approved.

2Co 2:11  Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Satan is referred to by MANY names in the WORD OF GOD.
Satan is Death. Satan is the 1st Sinner. Satan is the DESTROYER and the DESOLATOR. Satan is the Man of Sin. Satan is the Son of Perdition. Satan is the Beast, the Dragon, The Serpent, Lucifer, King of the fallen angels in the bottomless pit, King of Tyre, the little Horn, Leviathan, The Assyrian, type of King of Babylon, The Accuser, The Tempter, the Seducer, the Beguiler, the Terror from within.

Satan comes DISGUISED as the LAMB (pretending to be Messiah-Christ-God) but is the DRAGON. (Rev 13; II Cor 11:14)
Satan will come claiming Peace and Safety. Satan shares the wealth, the ill gotten spoils with all who will take his mark in their forehead (mind) and will serve his beast system.
Satan will perform supernatural miracles to DECEIVE even the non-believers.
(Dan 8;Dan 11; Rev 13; II Thess 2; Matt 24, Mark 13, Luke 21

How will Satan the Anti-Christ and his fallen angels arrive? READ EZ 1…Metallic Circular Disks, appearance is that of Highly Polished Bronze “Color of Amber”

Isa 14:29  Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken:for out of the serpent’s rootH4480 H8328 H5175 shall come forthH3318 a cockatrice,H6848 and his fruitH6529 shall be a fiery flying serpent.H8314 H5774
From H8313; burning, that is, (figuratively) poisonous (serpent); specifically a saraph or symbolical creature (from their copper color): – fiery (serpent), seraph.

I know this is hard for some to understand, but in a nutshell, SATAN only has POWER because our HEAVENLY FATHER has ALLOWED it to TEST US, and to bring about the END of this earth age of Time to fulfill HIS PROPHESIES just as HE ordained HIS PROPHETS to write them, and to punish the wicked and prove to the non-believers Our Heavenly Father IS GOD, and to bring in the 1000 years of teaching. Deut 32 explains it well.

Good news is Our Lord Jesus Christ Yehshua Messiah has already gotten the VICTORY over Satan…FOLLOW OUR LORD JESUS, In HIS NAME, we are given power over and to rebuke Satan and his evil forces.
May Peace,Grace and TRUTH of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.