Chisleu The 9th Hebrew month Nov14-Dec14

Chisleu The 9th Hebrew month Nov14-Dec14

Topical study of CHISLEU also referred to as KISLEV, the 9th Hebrew month Nov 14-Dec14, and the events that happened in this month as found in KJV Bible, with reference using Strong Concordance, EW Bullingers Number in Scripture, and placing the events on Solar Degree Diagram to coordinate with the Gregorian time we use today.Could our Lord Jesus Christ have been CONCEIVED in this month? When is the true BIRTH month for Jesus Christ? Can the KJV Bible lead us to these truth’s?
Wishing everyone a Blessed Thanksgiving with Glory and Praise to our Heavenly Father who provides us with all things.

Chisleu The 9th Hebrew month part1

Chisleu The 9th Hebrew month part2

Chisleu The 9th Hebrew month part3

Dec 7th 2017 A day of Infamy

Dec 7th 2017 A day of Infamy. What does the Bible say about this day in history? Haggai 2, Ez 36, Luke 1 Conception of Jesus Christ our Saviour


Know Your Enemy:Ways of the Harlot ISIS Part 5

ISIS=666, List of “queen of heaven”. Dispelling the confusion of Christ birth date to that of baby hawk “horus”.  With forewarning of the birth of Immanuel, God with us, from our Heavenly Father, Satan then uses Egypt via ISIS and Horus, to create confusion of our Lord’s True conception and birth date.

Rome and others attempt to make the virgin Mary into the idol ‘queen of heaven”.