Marking the Sons of Cain: Part 2

Marking the Sons of Cain: Part 2

Using KJV Bible, Tracing the sons of Cain, Kenites, from the flood of Noah’s time to the time of Jesus Christ in the temple, their plot to murder Christ, the crucifixion, to revelation and beyond.

I pray that this video brings DISCERNMENT from the blinded DELUSIONAL viper attacks of Kenite antichrists out there that falsely claim that a son of Cain aka Kajin,  can be physically identified, who use COMMON human physical attributes as well as race or skin color, as LIES to bear false witness against and to attack God’s Children–and who are ACCUSERS of satan who twist GOD’s WORD to further their racist hate driven agenda.

True Christians see right thru you and know the poison of your fruit. I pray you repent.

The WORD of GOD tells us how to mark the sons of Cain and most important, for those who are gifted with discernment of the parable of the sower,  that we are to LEAVE them ALONE, the angels shall take care of them at the harvest, and we ALL shall be judged & rewarded according to our works, when Our Lord Jesus Christ returns at the Last Trump.

Protecting Cain? Interesting “spin”.
Hmmm…more like PRESERVING THEM for their JUDGEMENT DAY!
YES, Our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ most certainly has done that very thing, according to HIS PLAN as it is written in HIS WORD.

Peace, Grace and Discernment be to us all.
Your sister in Christ Jesus Yehshua Messiah,