Pope Francis Blasphemes Our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ

Pope Francis Blasphemes Our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ
What is written in the Bible on WHO can forgive sin? Hint, it is NOT a man of flesh, but GOD ONLY. Watch this video (Note: It is in part a RANT of outrage on behalf of our Heavenly Father) and I will show you some of the scriptures that PROVE this fact.
Peter is NOT the “rock” that Christ church was built on, what did Peter say to Jesus Christ? Peter said that Jesus Messiah (God’s Anointed Saviour) was THE Christ, the Son of the Living God, and based on this “confession or witness” did Jesus Christ say on this foundation(piece of the rock) He would build His Church, His Chosen, Called ones.
I commend our brother Alex Jones for being such a great Watchman in these endtimes.
To all women who have had abortion, PLEASE DISCERN the true evil of the abortion agenda AND that man in the flesh has NEVER had authority to forgive sin, ONLY Our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ! Take this before our Heavenly Father and earnestly ask HIM for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ. This is where our eternal HOPE lies, not in false words and lies of men in flesh.
God’s Word is TRUTH, do not be deceived by the False Doctrines of men, regardless of how “holy” they try to disguise themselves, Our Lord Jesus Christ has warned us about them, as have all the prophets and apostles of God, these are TYPES of antichrist, but the real one is coming. Rev 6,9,12,13
Satan shall appear “holy” also, looks like the Lamb, but speak as a dragon, enters in Peace, Prosperity for all, Perform supernatural miracles before the eyes of men, when he is cast from heaven. He will come DISGUISED as Messiah/God, will you believe him? Will you follow him and take that mark of the beast in your forehead (brain=perception) and worship and serve him?
Satan’s children and workers are preparing the way for their father’s return and big performance to deceive the world, will you be taken by their FLOOD of LIES, SEDUCTION, BEGUILED, Spiritually DESTROYED? The thieves come to destroy, our Lord Jesus Christ is the SHEPHERD, He Gave His Life for the sheep so we could have eternal Life with HIM.
Please Study God’s Word to show yourself approved before HIM.
God Bless and guide us all according to His Will.