Controversy of Zion Is it Palestine or Israel?

Controversy of Zion Is it Palestine or Israel?

Is it Palestine or Israel? What does God’s Word call these lands that He called His Promised Land? What does the word “Palestine” mean and how does that apply as example given to us for today’s time? What does the name “Israel” mean?
May our Heavenly Father give each of us eyes to see and ears to hear HIS WORD and to discern His warnings of those things to come. In Jesus name, Amen

Controversy of Zion part1

Controversy of Zion part 2

The Two Messiahs of the Endtimes Which One Will You Serve?

The Rock: Part 1

Have you ever wondered about sacred sites being manipulated or changed by man? What would you consider to be the most Holiest “Sacred” Place given us on earth at this time? And to what extremes do you think the powers of darkness would go to in order to Hide in plain sight, such a site, and by what means would they use others to try and destroy it? Some food for thought

The Rock: Part 2
The Rock: Part 3
The Rock: Part 4
The Rock: Part 5