Can YOU Fathom this Level of Evil?

Are the Tea Party Patriots about to be setup by The Powers That Be? Glenn Beck under attack by the ADL as an Anti-Semite? Geraldo Rivera now questions the attack on Building 7 on 9/11?? Michael Savage, “Obama admin may be planning a OK City/ Reichstag type of event”?

Are you still drinking tap water unfiltered? If so, then I’m sure all those still drinking the ‘kool-aide’  think all of these truths are nothing but lies and nonsense.

Part 3 of 5

Part 4 of 5

Part 5 of 5

Now for a REALITY check!

20 Stealth Fighter jets for a few months of “Peace”? LOL…..Amazing way the dual-citizens elected to office have figured out a way to transfer US military secrets to a foreign nation and to do it PUBLICLY, IN OUR FACE and yes, at and on the Tax payer dime! Are we awake yet folks?

LBJ betrayed us the same way right after JFK was murdered for NOT tipping the balance in the ME.

Israeli government seen accepting new settlement freeze

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will probably win narrow approval from his coalition government for a U.S. proposal to extend a freeze on West Bank settlement building, Israeli political sources said Sunday.

The Palestinians halted peace talks after Israel’s 10-month partial construction moratorium expired in September. The Obama administration has offered Israel diplomatic and defense perks to renew the freeze for 90 days, giving negotiations a chance.

Netanyahu, who visited the United States last week, convened his cabinet to outline the proposal, which he said was still being drafted with the Americans. Once ready, it would be put to a vote in Israel’s 15-minister security cabinet, he said.

“In any event, I insist that any proposal meet the State of Israel’s security needs, both in the immediate term and vis-a-vis the threats that we will face in the coming decade,” Netanyahu said in remarks broadcast by Israeli media.

The deal includes a U.S. undertaking not to request further extensions of the freeze, and to shield Israel against hostile resolutions in the United Nations. The Palestinians have mooted seeking U.N. support for a unilateral statehood declaration.

The Obama administration would also ask Congress to approve giving Israel $3 billion worth of advanced F-35 jets. These would supplement the 20 F-35s Israel already plans to buy for $2.75 billion drawn from annual grants it gets from Washington.

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