Respect those that Oppose Us


I was recently very honored to view a report dedicated to me,  by someone who goes under the ID of OldSchool,  a person I found on the opposing side of my political beliefs during this past election.

Remembering some of our past battles brings a smile to my face, as we were both hard-headed and passionate about what we considered to be the right direction  for our nation and could argue for hours on end.  What I truly treasure from those respectful exchanges of ideology was the moment when common ground was found and we discovered that we were not so different as we had thought.

Our hearts were in the right place—we were in the same boat, regardless of  our beliefs or the politicians that fraudulently claim to have any understanding of what we really feel or think is best for us. We were both Americans. Not race divided, just plain and simple Americans that loved our country and wanted what was best for our Nation.

We did not need our government to tell us how we feel or how to think. We already KNEW what was best for us and those corrupt ones, imo,  cared only about getting elected and carrying on their own agenda that benefited themselves.

I was raised that there are two things one should never bring up in polite conversation, Politics and Religion, because No two subjects can get people more riled up or cause absolute chaos as  these two things.

Boy are these true words! But both subjects that very much need to be embraced and discussed today. If Americans continue to “keep silent” because of the controversy over these two subjects, how will they ever understand or even realize to research for the truth of what is really going on in America and/or how the governing policies will affect them?

Changing ones point of view is not an easy task, and that was never my intention when I debated someone with opposing pov, but done only to bring about an awareness that some things may not be as we thought and believed. In the process of debating and researching the issues, I’ve learned allot and discovered that at times I was wrong about some of the issues. Overall, The media of late,  is good at only telling ONE side or use sound bites to promote their POV agenda and not allow the individual to decide what is real or not–but that awareness should inspire us to research further to discover the truth for ourselves.

It is amazing to find in the debating stages, how another person that we normally may be so intune with on everyday things, can suddenly not agree nor believe how we do about the way our government should be run. The common ground that once was well defined and secure in a relationship, can fall out from under us and explode into a full-frontal attack!

I found firsthand during this past election, that some tactics came fully equipped with hateful personal insults, such as being called a  racist, bigot, white-trash, trailer park trash, Neo-con, Nazi, red-neck, meth-head, drug addict, terrorist, extremist, loon, right-wingnut, birther, hater, homophobe, Bible-thumper, slaver, etc…the list is long of the many insults, but I think you get the drift here. I’ll also add the Stealth accounts where my ID and avatar was stolen several times and used in vicious attacks by those posing as me and the Stalker, that collected and saved my conversations for months with others, in order to use it to make themself  ‘appear” as me. LOL…the sick freak!

Why the heck does this happen and why do so many people take opposing views and ideology so personally, some even viciously?

As I  see it,  some consider politics to hold core values about the way they were raised and believe life should be, so when someone disagrees with us about politics, we sometimes feel they are basically arguing with our beliefs and how we were raised and our life experiences.

To carry this opposition to the extreme,   vicious disrespectful attacks are done out of hate and fear mongering from special interest groups, which is then passed on down the line to incite anger and discontent to those of brainwashed mentalities,  in order to push their own selfish agendas.

However, this report is not written to address the wrong done to me, but instead in recognition to those that I  met and who debated me respectfully with opposing view points.  Fellow Americans  like OldSchool, who with compassion and an open-mind, choose to discuss the issues as a decent human being, and NOT take the low road of the bottom feeders, who failed daily and repeatedly to stomp out my point of view.

I wish to say I SALUTE and ADMIRE YOU.

It was  a great pleasure to know and be a part of your lives for a short while, even though we fought like cats and dogs at times,  those good respectful debates are missed and I wish you well my fellow Ex-Ireporters.


Below are a few honorable mentions:

Bonez,  Always ready with his own style of sarcasm–

MartinT, though an Atheist–Boy did we have some fights over Separation of Church and State the MYTH! lol– we found a connection for a short while, but then he joined the Obama Haters Club and lost it.

Mech–we seldom ever agreed about things, but showed each other respect for the most part.

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“I am considered to be politically left of center and by some a racist Black American (I disagree with the second point).  Lately I have been feeling the void of iReporters gone by the wayside. My respected adversary that I miss most is LisaInTX.  I used to have long debates, sometimes into the late evening with her, it was almost romantic  :-0.  We were always on opposing sides of the issue and at different ends of the spectrum.  She used to come out with reports that could enflame half the country, I guess I do the same.  Many times I would just wonder what could possibly motivate her, but then what motivates me.  Some people thought she was mean spirited, I have heard that about myself.  I just called her “spirited” though, and I miss the political diversity that used to be here at  For all her controversy LisaInTX (and all the Lisa’s) is an American who speaks out and stands for what she believes in.  I don’t agree with most of what comes out of her, in fact I vehemently oppose it, but I believe in her right to express it.  Her blog can be viewed at  I refuse to paste her link here because I don’t want to make it easy for anyone find her. That said, I miss LisaInTX and her brand of commentary and reporting.

Ireport: The Truth of the Matter

In January 2008 CNN acquired and for $750,000[3]. A beta version of the site launched on Wednesday, February 13, 2008. The site, which had its complete launch in March 2008, allows users to submit media and have it instantly appear on the site. CNN Producers will then go through the online submission and select reports for possible airing on the CNN television networks, and other CNN platforms. The site also allows i-Reporters to contact each other. The site functions similar to YouTube and popular social networking sites.

iReport has Terms of Service that are liberally construed to ban users. Email notification is sent to banned ireporters, absent any reason for banning, and sent from a non-reply email address. Pages of submitted material on iReport have names crossed out, and what was once an avatar, shows as a blue shadow-type figure for banned iReporters.

Banning iReporters was not a common practice until after the November 4th 2008 election. The political opinion pieces submitted to iReport demonstrated a great divide between those who were Hillary Clinton supporters, Barack Obama supporters, and Republicans. During the election, iReport became the dumping ground for political opinion pieces of the strongest wording, name-calling, and labels.

Following the election, trolling attacks on iReport members by iReport members was moderating through the use of banning of ireporters on almost a weekly basis.

Starting in March 2009, several groups of ireporters, a conservative group and a liberal group began blogging from wordpress.

Bickering continues but due to wordpress moderation tools for each individual blogger, the two groups are free of unwanted trolling on their wordpress blogs unlike the case at ireport.

New users who post political ireports or comments at iReport are often accused by former ireporters of both groups now clustering at wordpress of being returning banned users under new handles and when ireport moderation determines a banned user is back under a new identity they are subsequently banned by the iReport Community Manager as a returning “Flatliner”.

“Flatliner” is a euphemistic term for a banned ireporter derived from’s displaying a banned ireporter’s username with a flat line drawn through it wherever a comment or ireport appears authored by the “flatliner.” Some dislike the term “flatliner” and try to characterize it as something it is not and have made frivilous and false accusations with regards to the term “flatliner.”

The disgruntled liberal group that now blogs on wordpress failed to prevent Conservatives, Republicans and members of PUMA from contributing to iReport. They trolled the comment logs and openly posted the handles of iReporters that they seek to silence and refer to those iReporters in terms that convey their comtempt. In response, this practice was returned in kind in some cases.

David Williams, iReport Community Manager, and Johnita P. Due, Assistant General Counsel for CNN, are doing a good job of keeping ireporters out of ireport who were previously was banned for conduct in violation of the terms of use.

CNN use of banning is quite effective in bringing disallowed behaviors under control at ireport.

CNN invites the public to contribute news and comments to their assignments on iReport. However, those doing so need to be aware that this is the internet thus if they make their their photo, real name, city, state and other personal information public, they risk troll attacks by anyone. A Google search for the handle of an iReporter subjected to banned behavior often returns the humiliating, slanderous comments if they draw attention of people who disagree or dislike what is ireported or commented.

CNN corrected an ongoing problem of ireport flatliners creating and using new accounts by the institution of new moderation tools which ensure that when a ireport user is banned, they stay banned.

Currently, iReporters are now much safer from the bad behavior of a few who would not abide the terms of use and are now gone for good from ireport.

Above is from the link below….least IT WAS from the link below until it changed yet again–LMBO— and from personal experience aka eyewitness account–except this is more unbiased than I would have written, so whoever wrote this, I agree this is more ‘fair’ to both sides, well done.

A Prediction of things to come for those that partake of deception and demonization of others.

Here’s a link to “Wired” with the story on the Scientologists being banned: