Bul the 8th Hebrew month Oct 15-Nov 14

Bul the 8th Hebrew month Oct 15-Nov 14

This Topical Study is a continuance of placing the months found in the KJV Bible and coordinating them on Solar Degree Time Diagram so we can better understand the changing of times we use today called the Gregorian and to help better discern the changing of times we currently live in.
What is the meaning of “Bul”? Do you understand the timing and the meaning of “to plow, plant seed” for the Winter crops to ripen in the spring? What is meant by the Early and Latter Day Rain? Why did our Heavenly Father divide King David’s kingdom, 10 northern tribes to King of Israel’s Jeroboam and 2 southern tribes to King of Judah Rehoboam and later scatter them abroad? What were their sins and how is this an example to us in today’s time?
May our Heavenly Father bless us and give each of us eyes to see and ears to hear His Precious truths.
Stay Watchful and God Bless you all

BUL the 8th Hebrew Month Part1

BUL the 8th Hebrew Month-Part2

BUL the 8th Hebrew Month Part3

Halloween Feast of the Dead

Jeroboam, King of Israel’s new “holiday” as written of in KJV Bible

Origins of Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, All Saints Day (False feast/harvest time) 1 Kings 11,12…8th mth Bul, Cheshvan, Heshvan, 15th day (Oct 30-31 Gregorian calendar) (Named Bul in 1 Kings 6:38, and “Octo” means eight, yet is somehow now “ten” in English?) Shown at 225 degree mark on Solar Degree Scale.
Also during this time frame is the Protestant Reformation, this year marks the celebration of 500 years of Freedom of Christian Faith and the separation from Hiram’s Sidonian Church of Tyre. Thank the LORD for setting His Word in the heart of King James to publish HIS PRECIOUS WORD in English so we ALL can READ and STUDY God’s Word for ourselves and not be forced to “trust in man”, and then for providing us a New Country in order to have that Freedom OF Religion to learn of our Creator Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you Heavenly Father.