Can we physically Identify the Tares, Kenites?

Parable of the Sower: Part 2 Wheat and the Tares

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ:
I hope you find this video informative with the descriptive photos and information about the Darnel plant aka Tare.

**NOTE Update 7-25-13: Per Companion Bible p. 1338, the Tare is not a Darnel, but called Zewan and found in Palestine. This plant however is pretty much the same in characteristics as the Darnel.**

Our Lord Jesus is so good to us and explains things in ways that truly simplify THE WORD so we can better understand.
In this parable, Our Lord Jesus reveals to us a secret that had been kept hidden since the foundation, Katabole, overthrow of the 1st Earth Age of time.

I also included the remaining parables within Matt 13 and highlighted the Casting of the Net.
Peace and Grace be with you all.

Information source for Darnel aka Tare plant
Lolium temulentum (Darnel Ryegrass)