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Wormwood, what does it mean Biblically?

Wormwood what does it mean Biblically?

Wormwood what does it mean Biblically?

Wormwood, what does it mean? This is a topical study of the word “wormwood” as it is found in KJV Bible according to book and chapter. This video series begins our study with first occurrences of the word wormwood beginning in Deut 29 through Revelation 8, so we hopefully, can gain a better understanding of what our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ was trying to explain to us for today’s time regarding these endtime events, which bring about the end of this period of time and the Glorious 2nd Advent and Return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Will the “calamity on the earth” in part, be caused from a mysterious planet “star” which passes close to earth? Or a “alien invasion” or “first contact”? Will the end result (Rev 11) be the cleansing fire of a Solar Flare event? I have my thoughts on some of these possible events, but it is for each of us to discern them in prayer with our Heavenly Father and ask Him for guidance of His Truth in all things. Please feel free to state and share your thoughts on this topic.
May our Heavenly Father Bless and guide each of us with eyes to see and ears to hear those things He would have us know according to His will, In Jesus name, Amen

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  1. I’ve been better. I am trying to get control of this seething anger I have for my fellow countrymen and women who are so filled with fear and loathing (including self-loathing) that they would trample on rights and freedoms my ancestors fought for.

    Yes, the weather is frightful. However, ’tis merely a drop of spittle in an ocean compared to the frightfulness of the man with the power to blow up the earth. Pray that heaven will open its gates to those who allowed this beast to be King of ‘Merica. Sad!

    All the best to you!

    • Well said, there is certainly much anger in this country and around the world also. The common working man/family is sick and tired of being enslaved by these corrupt governments who are full of perversion, lawlessness, corruption, taking bribes and kickbacks to gain wealth off the backs of those they are supposed to be representing. Change is coming, the days of lawlessness and wickedness is being exposed and the heathens are raging out their SHAME against those who are fedup with being taken advantage of… a great division is forming and as the Good Book states, our Lord Jesus Christ has the victory. Satan’s power and control of preying on God’s children are coming to an end, like a woman travailing with child, we can see those pains getting closer and closer to give birth to a new age of time when all wickedness shall be removed from the earth.
      Have a blessed day Rose….of Note, after the False Christ is revealed, our True Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ shall come and put all things right. Nothing to fear or worry about, the heathens are gonna rage, but not always….:-)

  2. Lisa,Lisa,Lisa, how are you girl. I see you are still searching for answers from the good book. You go girl. But how can you expect to have your research accepted if you promote the likes of Alex jones on your site? The man is demonic. Good luck to you. Please learn something from the bible about discerning the truth from lies. Including trump. Bad man!

    • Hi there Rose! Yes indeed, no longer searching per say, but studying and researching The Gospel for sure. 🙂 How have you been doing? I saw this morning that your neck of the country under very bad weather, hope you stay safe and sound. Take care and good to talk with you.

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