AV the 5th Hebrew Month


AV / AB the 5th Hebrew month falls July 17/18 to August 16/17 on Gregorian using Solar Degree Time and translates to mean, “father”. Interesting to note, that both Hebrew Temples erected on the Temple Mount were destroyed in the 5th month and a 3rd destruction is prophesied shall occur–the timing not determined, but IMO, we are given instruction by our Heavenly Father’s prophets and led by ensample.
This is a continuance of Topical Study using the Solar Degree Diagram, coordinating the timing of Biblical months and the events that happen within them, to that changing of times we use today, called Gregorian, with hope that this study prepares us to be better watchmen of unfolding events.

Note an Error I need to correct. There were two plus years between when the King of Babylon first came against Jerusalem 10th mth 10th day of Tebeth and the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem in 5th Mth 7-10th day AV. I address this in 3rd video in detail. I apologize for the error.
May Our Heavenly Father Bless us all with strength, discernment and peace to stay in HIS WILL in all things.

AV the 5th Hebrew Month-Part 1

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