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CERN: The Unleashing of Coming Destruction?

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Did CERN type technology destroy the 1st Earth Age of time? Did this unleashing destroy the continent we call Atlantis? 2015 UN Bio-Diversity of “Soil”, what is mankind made from?


When was Jesus Christ born? Sept 28/29 on 1st day of Feast of Tabernacles

Our Heavenly Father’s time according to the Hebrew and the Solar calendar. It is not hard to go research Luke 1,2,3 to discover the course of Abia, and then go back in the Old Testament to discover there were 12 priest courses that rotated and took place 2 times a year (24 courses all together). From this research, you’ll discover that Jesus Christ was born on Sept 28/29 Roman calendar or according to the Hebrew and Solar calendar, this would be 7th month Tishri on the 15th day, which is the beginning of Feast of Tabernacles and if you count back 9 mths, His conception was on Dec 24/25th when He began to dwell in the flesh(Life in the flesh begins at Conception). Tabernacles means DWELLING PLACE…..God became flesh and DWELT among us on Dec 24/25, but was Beheld on his birthday 9 mths later on Sept 28/29 Feast of Tabernacles. Study John 1 carefully to understand this, and this event falls on the same month and day, every year.