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Satan’s False Flag of the End Times!!


Satan’s False Flag of the End Times!!

BEWARE of The Pleiadian or any Deception that may be similar to this snare!!
Satan himself as well as his ambassadors come DISGUISED as angels of light!
II Cor 11:14
I can NOT stress enough, The Pleiadian message is one of the most cunning and deceptive video messages I have ever seen! Be watchful of this type of deception as given in this “Pleiadian Message”. Eye of Horus is IDOL worship from ancient times…

Our Heavenly Father has given the world ensamples using the 12 tribes of Jacob. We can read about these whoredoms (Idolatry) of Egypt in EZ 23 to name one chapter and prophet.

DO NOT allow yourself to be deceived by these false prophets, false diviners, false idols!

Part 1

BEWARE of The Pleiadian Deception-Part 1

Part 2

BEWARE of The Pleiadian Deception-Part 2
Who created all things? Why is man here in the flesh?
War in heaven? Is there another war in heaven coming?
Reptilians and Lizzies, a Bait and Switch?

Part 3

Beware Pleiadian Deception:Part 3
Study of Satan’s ultimate FALSE FLAG of the end times.
Discerning the difference between the Nephilim and their Reptilian creation, a Bait and Switch.

Part 4

BEWARE the Pleiadian Deception: Part 4
Continuing this study to hopefully better discern this deceptive message. This video is focused on the 6 senses that Satan and his false religions use to manipulate us with. Deception is formed IN your brain / forehead, and the Egyptians had this knowledge ages ago, as we will discover in part within this study.


Part 5

BEWARE of the Pleiadian Deception:Part 5
A continued study focusing on the deception of ISIS and the eyes of Horus. Documenting the many transformations and disguises of this Horus deity, into Harpocrates, Cupid, Eros, Apollo.


3 thoughts on “Satan’s False Flag of the End Times!!

  1. Satan’s FALSE FLAG OF THE END TIMES is without a doubt more information than you’ll ever learn in a church too fearful to go against protocol. Smyrna and Philadelphia
    (two of the seven churches in Revelation) were not chicken to educate their flock. Thank you, Lisa, for all your research in the service of El Shaddai

  2. Dear Lisa, Thank you for this very important email, my sister in CHRIST!

    I WAS in the music business for many years until it became increasingly disgusting and nasty. There are entertainers such as Katy Perry, who outright professes that she sold her soul to the devil for brief years of fame and fortune in the music business because her career wasn’t to her liking until she was indoctrinated into the Illuminati. She is the daughter of a Pastor who now refers to his girl as “a child of the devil.” Cher, Madonna, Britney Spears, Rhianna, Beyonce and many more show the sign of Satan with the “horned hand”; the audience follows suit, not even knowing what they’re saluting! This idol worship of entertainers is horrible! If people would only turn back to GOD and break free of this idol worship before it’s too late; and it’s only going to get darker and darker until our Lord Yeshua returns to turn the scales to light, and cast out all the dark forces. There is talk in the music business that Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston 2pack Shakur were sacrifices to the dark forces. 2pack sold his soul and tried to get it back, but they killed him. It’s interesting to note that big stars are sacrificed on the 25th of the month. Murmurs in the music biz are “I wonder who is next?” Keep up the good work, Lisa, Child of GOD, Your sister in CHRIST, HG P.S. If these poor deluded entertainers only realized that you can’t give your soul away. It belongs to GOD! They were killed for daring to go against dark forces

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