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Flood of Noah’s time: Were only 8 WHITE people on the Ark?

1st Prophesy of the Bible: Key of David part VII Flood of Tears
Flood of Noah’s time: Were only 8 WHITE people on the Ark?

Why would our Heavenly Father create ALL the Races on the 6th day–and they were VERY GOOD,  only to kill off all but 8 from the 8th day creation? {Only 8 people from the 8th day creation-Adamic Bloodline –Adam & Eve via Seth–had not mixed with the fallen angels or Cain’s offspring, 8 who were still pure in blood lineage that Jesus Christ could be born–Luke 3, )

Gen 6:19  And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.

Gen 7:15  And they went in unto Noah into the ark, two and two of all flesh, wherein is the breath of life.
Gen 7:16  And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh, as God had commanded him: and the LORD shut him in.

I think the word’s EVERY LIVING THING, TWO OF ALL FLESH, MALE & FEMALE explains it very plainly.

If you are one that thinks these 8 Adamic’s were the only kind (race) of people on board the ark, PLEASE WAKE UP!! LOOK AROUND YOU,  everyone should embrace their TRUE Heritage, God created all things, all kinds (races) of man and IT WAS VERY GOOD! We are made in the SAME image in flesh as we were in spiritual body. God loves His Children and wants us to love Him.

Still not convinced?

Recall the 6th Day creation of mankind (Hunter-Gatherers) shown in the previous videos? THEY were created and had established their OWN NATIONS and Kingdoms,  a good 2000 years BEFORE THE MAN ADAM { Eth-HA-a-dam} and EVE  (Husbandmen-Farmers) were created on the 8th day.  (A day with the LORD is as a thousand years in man’s time)

So let’s add this up- 6th day creation of all the races hunter-gatherers, God rested the 7th day, and after this day God created Adam & Eve and put these two in the Garden of Eden as husbandmen-farmers, the bloodline thru which Jesus Christ would be born Saviour to the whole world, ALL RACES, ALL PEOPLE. 8000 – 6000 = 2000 yr difference between the 2 creations and the purpose of this being done as such, is well documented thru out the Word of God for those who STUDY this deeper.

This bloodline was special because thru it the SAVIOUR of the WHOLE WORLD would come, and Jesus told us plainly, if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father, so as we were all appointed once to be born in flesh, so our Heavenly Father did also in the image of Jesus Christ. (Heb 9:24-28)

Understand, the Bible is the documented HISTORY for the 8th Day Creation THE MAN ADAM and is His Story, the History of Jesus Christ, God’s anointed Saviour of ALL THE WORLD, ALL RACES, WHOSOEVER repents of sin and BELIEVETH Upon HIM. ~~ ALL INCLUSIVE~~ (this includes Kenites, sons of Cain the son of Satan, if they repent and seek our Heavenly Father) John 3:12-21;  Luke 3

No kind of man “race” is better than any other, all are GOD’S CHILDREN who seek HIM. {Anyone who uses ‘race” to claim they are the only “chosen people’ of GOD, are LIARS, DECEIVERS, most likely Kenites or have been brainwashed by them to think this way.  We shall know them by their fruits, steer away from such people, no matter what color skin they are walking around in.}

Further more,  If only 8 white people survived, then PROVE it to yourself in the KJV BIBLE WHERE all the OTHER races came from AFTER the flood that are in plain sight and with us to this day?
And please don’t get bogged down in some of  the same LIES I’ve heard on YT by some who IGNORANTLY claim one race came from an incest mating of Ham with his mother!!  The offspring of such a mating would still only produce Adamic (Adam & Eve via Seth) bloodline.
This mating DID NOT CHANGE the color of their SKIN or their kind (race) of man!

And NO, Our Heavenly Father did NOT curse Ham or Canaan, Noah was upset because he’d just found out that Canaan was NOT his son by his wife, and I fully believe God gave Noah a vision of Canaan’s future.
Canaan did not honor the covenant and married outside his Adamic bloodline, a woman of Sidon(who had most likely mixed or was a daughter of either the Kenites or Fallen Angels) thus resulting in cutting off his own inheritance–purity of the bloodline– thru which Jesus Christ would be born. (Esau married strangers also, thus gave up his birthright the same as did Canaan)

Peace and discernment be with us all.