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Discerning Gods Time: Part 3

Discerning Gods Time: Part 3

A study of the Solar times, terms and the WORD of Our Heavenly Father, in order to hopefully remove the bulk of the confusion, created by the traditions of men who have changed the times & laws we were commanded by our Father to remember. We shall explore the 24 Priest Courses, with emphasis on the course of Abia (Abijah) to help determine the TRUE Conception and Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Col 2, we as Christ followers are rooted in Christ and comforted IN HIM as our Righteous Judge and Saviour, knowing that the ordinances that were against us have been blotted out, nailed to His Cross.

However, the confusion of traditions of men continue to this day to change times & laws, to falsely judge and condemn the brethren-the body of Christ, according to their own false doctrines and divination’s, and I have no doubt that Satan as THE ANTICHRIST,  shall use this “confusion & ignorance” as weapons against us to snare, seduce many, in these end times. Remember satan knows the commandments and laws of our Heavenly Father, and uses this knowledge to twist the WORD of GOD to his advantage.

With this in mind and heart, I hope to present in this study those things given us by our Heavenly Father that are according to HIS TIME, the days and months of these events that He commanded us to remember. Knowing HIS TIME and HIS WORD, removes the confusion of man and their influence so they, nor Satan when he appears disguised as the Lamb,  can use our confusion or ignorance as weapons against us, during these end times.

Heavenly Father, I pray that this study be taught, received and discerned, according to your Will and for your Glory and for the edification & love of the brethren, I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Yehshua Messiah. Thank you Father. Amen


Halloween?? aka “Fall Festival”?

Of Interest: Ever wonder where Halloween got it’s start and where it is found in the KJV Bible?

I Kings 12:25-33 Jeroboam, King of Israel (10 tribes to the North) kingdom was split after Solomon died (His brother Rehoboam ruled Judah-2 tribes of the South)had made, golden calves and had them setup in Bethel and the land of Dan, for the people to worship, so they would not go to Jerusalem, he also setup priests, including himself, who were NOT of the sons of Levi.

Verse 3o And this thing became a SIN: for the people went to worship before the one, even unto Dan.Verse 32 And Jeroboam ordained a feast in the 8th month, on the 15th day of the month.

Using the information found in this series of videos, 8th mth is Heshvan and 1st day begins October 15th on our Roman calendar. Add 15 days and that makes the date of Jeroboam’s “Ordained FEAST”, Oct 30th/31st (+ 7 days as God instructed for the Feast of Tabernacles to be done in Jerusalem) through Nov 5th/6th.