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Dec 25th: Conception or Birth of Christ?

The Word became flesh and Tabernacled with us.
I hope the previous 3 part study Discerning God’s Time,
has prepared those who seek a deeper understanding, for what is presented in these next 2 videos.
It is with great pleasure and discernment, that we can document and rebuke the pagan agenda which tries to change/attach/allude some heathen event, onto this GLORIOUS & MIRACULOUS MERCIFUL DAY that has and shall benefit ALL Mankind,

As we should all know, Satan is a copycat, who wants to sit on the Throne and playact that he is Our Heavenly Father-creator-LORD God, but shall never be. (Ez 28)
Satan is allowed power & control ONLY according to the plan of Our Heavenly Father to fulfill HIS PROPHECIES. (II Thess 2; Rev 13)

I pray that this presentation is a Blessing to all.
May Grace and Discernment be with us all, according to the Will of our Heavenly Father
Your Sister in Christ Jesus Yehshua Messiah,