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US Double Standard and Hypocrisy

I couldn’t agree more with this take on US involvement in foreign countries and how THEY see us.

IMO—Our foreign policy is a nightmare that is a threat to the whole world!

USA and NATO Forces use DU on Foreign Soil

Hear what a former US Marine has to say!!!!!

Judge Napolitano on Government Crimes

6 thoughts on “US Double Standard and Hypocrisy

  1. The world has run amuk when China is criticizing us on human rights. LOVE THE JUDGE! (Used to watch him during O’Reilly commercials. Now we watch O’Reilly during Freedom Watch commercials).

    • Hi Freedom,
      Yeah, for sure the world is amuk! China’s dictator past is not too far in the past to not be remembered or called up easily. Much like the USA was founded on massive Native American blood loss—think the numbers range into the millions also, but that is not taught in the history books either.
      Greed and power has a way of destroying ALL in its path, irregardless of country/Nation, and the results are always the same.
      To the mighty go the spoils!

      LOL at the switch from O’Reilly—used to watch him every night also and Glenn Beck too…..They made some good points on allot of things, but when it came to the brass tax of the issue, they seemed agenda motivated, either by choice or force?? —and they lost me as a viewer.
      Too much Neo-con business going on there for my likes and too much Commie/Marxist spew on NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN–after Lou Dobb’s left,

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