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I can’t drive…85!!

Okay, so now we have texting while driving, talking on a cell phone while driving, putting on make-up while driving, drinking while driving, under the influence while driving, etc…so why not RAISE the speed limit to 85 mph???

Are the Texas State Reps out of their minds here???? I think so. I live on a country road and the speed limit used to be 30 mph back a few years ago and even that is too fast most times! The road has no stripe and room for one car at a time, unless one pulls off to the side on the grass to let them through.

This speed limit changed a few years back and was done by some idiot obviously, making country road speeds to coincide with that of the nearest Farm Market road—-(which BTW is NOTHING like a country road),  has a stripe to divide the road and two or more lanes, some with paved shoulders.  Our closest FM has 60 mph marked on it, which means according to those who created this bogus law, that people can “Legally” drive 60 mph on our county road.

Now how safe is that on a one lane winding, hilly road with no stripes….with pets, children at play and the occasional livestock that escapes from their pastures?

It’s NOT….and the reason we moved to a rural location was to enjoy nature, not sit here and watch our pets and children get splattered by some led foot driver speeding thru here like a scene taken straight from the Dukes of Hazard!

High speeds also have been proven to cause vehicles to use MORE FUEL—-what about that aspect folks? Aren’t we constantly being programed and encouraged to be kinder to our dependency on foreign fossil fuels or was that all just a myth so they could raise the prices and gouge us at the pumps?


Texas Looking At 85 mph Speed Limit

POSTED: 4:50 pm CDT April 7, 2011

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas House of Representatives has approved a bill authorizing an 85 mph speed limit on some highways in the state. The proposal would give the Texas Department of Transportation power to raise the speed limit on designated lanes or entire stretches of roadway after doing engineering and traffic studies. The 85 mph limit would be the highest in the country. The House on Wednesday tentatively passed the bill on a voice vote. A similar plan is in the Senate. Jerry Johns with the Southwestern Insurance Information Service is critical of the proposals. Upping the speed limit to 85 mph would have a dramatic impact on the death and injury rates of those highways, Johns said.



5 thoughts on “I can’t drive…85!!

  1. Lisa, ….why not increase the speed limit to 1000 ?
    Then you can manufacture vehicles that can’t make 60 and force people to buy them.
    No problem here, move along.

    • LOL—Good one!
      I remember reading where people were forced to buy only certain cars in Europe not long ago–may still be happening?— and the Obama model is he wants us under their rule asap…..maybe that is the reason for all this??? We never know anymore.

      • Stop by Cheers once in a while Lisa.
        Put your feet up and let your hair down.

  2. I think the Texas legislature is just trying to do one upsmenship on Utah. There is really no reason to drive above 70 really…I drive a commercial vehical for a living and only drive that if and when its safe and no other traffic is around.

    There are a few hundred miles of rural Parts of I 10 and I 20 that have 80mph limits..
    Making those 85 isn’t going to make it any more dangerous. At any speed above 65/70mph if you flip over or have an accident basically you probably won’t survive anyway..

    You will never see those speeds posted in an urban area anyway as its too dangerous .

    People tend to drive 5 to 10 MPH over the speed limits already..If TXDOT posted 80 to 85 mph people would drive 90 to 95

    • KW
      Thank you for your insight on this subject. I agree that on some isolated interstates, the speed limit increase will not be such a threat to mankind…but the wildlife is still a threat and at high risk.
      I guess what I’m saying is like you said, folks tend to drive 5 – 10 over the legal speed anyway, why make it a LAW, why not tell the sainted police state powers to let them do it and not give out tickets for doing it in those areas?
      My personal problem is on our country road, where our house sits on top of a blind hill–you can’t see over it til you get to the top, and folks driving thru here 50-70 mph basically launching their rides over the top without being able to see what is on the other side of the hill. I no longer feel safe to ride my horses down the road nor even go for a walk because of these lead-foots. There are 3 houses on this road and then a church at the bottom of the hill….not sure what the “hurry” for those PASSING thru is, but they are a danger to every critter and resident out here!
      When I’ve asked them to PLEASE slow down and explain the dangers to man and beast, I get cussed out, flipped off and that seems to make them go faster….If I didn’t care about even their life such as it is, I would almost hope a large tree will fall across the road and they hit the sucker and then, maybe they will GET IT!!

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