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Next big quake: California or The New Madrid Fault line?

In addition to the whale kill off spoke of in the video, a week or so ago, there was a large kill off of dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.  I have found that there is a fault that runs from the Gulf thru the Mississippi river basin to the Great Lakes—The New Madrid has been shaking for sometime, and I have seen it on the seismographs for month’s now.

FULL MOON: March 19, 2011–Largest in 18 years.


Not to alarm folks, but I think a little bit of emergency home preparedness might not be a bad thing.

California might be next in line for a major quake, which could lead to a major quake along The New Madrid Fault Line…..least that is MY Opinion and like a good girl scout, I plan to stock some supplies, just in case.

Do not be fooled by this map. It shows a general area for the quake zone, but research shows, that many of the worlds rivers are in fact formed by EARTH QUAKES….so just following the Red and Mississippi River there have been quakes recently in those areas and states. Don’t fear the inevitable,  Be informed and Be prepared!

All of this makes the next video, not so unrealistic now huh? Conspiracy or truth? You be the judge.


Latest Update: 4-11-11

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34 thoughts on “Next big quake: California or The New Madrid Fault line?

  1. Ok, I see the like button and now I will be able to re-blog this over at the Village some time over the weekend…… 😉

    • Ok—lol—-and when did you take up smoking??? LOL….love the new avatar….hahaaaa

      Come on Huckleberry!! lol—Floating down a river in those days would have been such fun—

  2. Good Morning Lisa 😀

    You have some very fascinating information on here and my hats off to you on your research. I would like to re-blog this post over at the Village with your permission. I would need you to add the “like” button to this blog for me to be able to do that. Your thoughts?

    • Morning Sami. Thank you….I have no problem with you re-blogging this info and will check to see where to add the “like” button?? lol…

  3. Btw, on that map what does the yellow mean? The yellow is covering parts of Oklahoma.

    • I think the yellow zone represents areas from the past that felt the earth quakes?? I tried locating a map that truly represents the depth and length of the New Madrid, but seems that is not available??? lol…..by design IMO….

  4. Lisa
    Looks like I’m gonna have to break down & get that back up generator I saw on the commercial.

    • Great idea….don’t forget the fuel that you’ll need to run it and make sure it doesn’t have ethenol in it because that stuff turns to water over time and spoils.

      • Well I got several 5 gallon gans of fuel set aside for gas generator. I was hoping I could get a solar battery to put into the generator. The kind that is suited for marine. I dont know if Im gonna have enough gas just in case the government puts ration on fuel. I may need that fuel to put in my vehicle & farm equipment for tilling the ground for planting food.

        • All good points and ration is most likely.
          The days of the horse/mule and plow may again become the next step in our evolution–lol….. EPA should approve as that is pretty clean energy except for the farts expelled and the CO2 used to till and bring in the crops.

  5. Lisa
    You are so right about being prepared.

    Even if I prepare DAILY, it seems like I’m not prepared enough.

    Btw, there’s a run on survival stuff & my orders have been getting cancelled due to certain others (unknown to me) who has been buying extremely large orders.

    • Good morning Arlene. So great to hear from you.

      That is crazy about your orders getting pushed back/canceled??? Sounds like ‘someone’ is stocking up? You should still be able to get many things locally, matches, batteries, coleman fuel–coleman stove for cooking, think about water supply and ways to collect and purify it….and canned / dry food that does not need refrigeration….just to name a few things…lol

      • I agree about that water supply. Within next 2 months I plan to get couple of rain barrels of the sorts. Don’t know how Im gonna get it piped into the house (in case I need it for bathing). And water well would be too costly because they charge too much to dig to find good water pockets.

        • Morning Arlene,
          Well, another thing about the wells that I had not considered, if the New Madrid collapses in on itself, the Osceola watershed may dry up or change drastically???? Wells tapped to it may not work??
          Rain water collection that can be purified may be our only source?

          I’m kinda kicking myself now because we filled in a well that was on our back porch when we did the remodel on our farm house—-wasn’t thinking about all this kind of stuff when we did it…..all well…

      • & to make matters worst, I was in hospital several months ago for surgery. Half of my thyroid gland was removed & this caused me other problems. I have been taking iodine supplements which just so happen to include the ingredients of “potassium iodide”. Due to the Japan nuclear situation, I can not get the much needed iodine supplement. As matter of fact, no iodine (internal) can be found in AMERICA.

        At 1st the news say that potassium iodide is antidote for nuclear radiation. Well, folks all over the world just started scarfing up anything that said “iodine” on the label. As a result, Americans w/thyroid problems (iodine deficiency) will suffer.

        Meanwhile, Ive been self-medicating on sea salt.

        And if California or anywhere in US has earthquake, I may never ever get iodine for as long as I manage to stay alive.

        • Oh my word honey! Sorry to hear about the surgery and the iodine problems! Sea salt I heard was rich in iodine—you can also still get Mortins table salt with iodine, just bought 4 containers yesterday.

          Me personally am not too worried about the radiation from Japan—just think of all the people who lived around all those Nuke Test sites here in the USA —it’s the ones here that could rupture from being placed on fault lines—by design— that concern me.
          Kind of ironic, we drop two nukes on Japan and no one cared about radiation flying off into the jet stream to float around the world and kill more innocent people…..now its a BIG THING…. now their radiation is heading toward the USA.–like a tit for tat, but they didn’t drop it in a bomb form.

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