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Keith Olbermann:Goodbye MSNBC

OMG!!!!!! Now who will the right go after? lol

I feel faint here!! Could this be a mean cruel joke?

Keith Olbermann gives abrupt goodbye to MSNBC show

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer David Bauder, Ap Television Writer 12 mins ago

NEW YORK – Keith Olbermann, MSNBC’s most successful and controversial personality for his outspoken liberal prime-time program, gave an abrupt goodbye to viewers and said Friday was his last show.

It was not immediately known if he quit or was fired. Olbermann did not address the question, and MSNBC said only that they and Olbermann had ended their contract. He signed a four-year contract two years ago.

“MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in his future endeavors,” the network said in a statement.

A spokesman said Phil Griffin, MSNBC’s president, would not comment on Olbermann’s exit. Spokesman Jeremy Gaines would say only that the acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast, which received regulatory approval this week, had nothing to do with the decision.

Olbermann was suspended without pay from the network for two days in November for donating to three Democratic candidates, which violated NBC News’ policy on political donations. Olbermann complained that he was being punished for mistakenly violating an inconsistently applied rule that he had known nothing about.

The host apologized to fans — but not to the network.

MSNBC essentially molded the network in Olbermann’s image. His program is MSNBC’s top-rated, gaining in viewers after his evolution from a humorous look at the day’s headline into a combatively political show in the latter days of the Bush administration. MSNBC decided that point-of-view programming was the way to go, and hired Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell — both occasional subs for Olbermann — to fill out its prime-time lineup.

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6 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann:Goodbye MSNBC

  1. Good Morning Lisa. Were all going to not miss Olby so much. I hate loud mouths like him and the Ed Show could go also as far as I am concerned.

    • Good Morning Sami,
      I haven’t see the Ed Show, but the idea of Mathews NOT getting a renewed contract gives me a tingle down both legs! lol

  2. Olby said that he was told that his contract would not be renewed. That within itself tells me that he was fired. He did not want to be cut louse.

    A bunch of Olby supporters on twitter are going berserk over his firing. But they will eventually realize that the decision to let him go is final.

    • Hey Arlene,
      lol—poor Olby….should have toned down that liberal hate agenda of his. But IMO–Mathews is worse than Olby–hoping his contract is not renewed either–lol

    • Karma? That you? If so, it’s been such a long time, so very good to see ya. If not, then welcome Karma Doc and I agree. But really wishing it was Chris Mathews who got the axe 1st! lol

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