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Gulf Blue Plague to blame for death of Birds and Fish?

“What began as an Arkansas mystery has become a world wide phenomena. Thousands of birds, crabs and fish are washing up on the shores and falling from the skies every where from Louisiana to the UK.

On January 3 reports stated that almost 3 thousand red winged black birds known as Grackels and European Starlings fell within one mile from Beebe on the last day of 2010. An autopsy shows that the birds had mysteriously died in the air. Since that time studies on other birds have shown that at least 17 of the birds died of blunt force trauma top the vital organs, leaving more questions than answers.

On a twenty mile stretch of shore of a river between Ozark and Clarksville, Arkansas, 100,000 fish have died. Autopsies are expected to take about a month. Fish deaths have been reported as far away as Brazil and New Zealand.”


Okay—And some ridiculously claim fireworks killed all these birds and fish?? —What is more insane, those who claim that is the cause or those with sheep-like mentalities that believe them???

Here’s a question: If only ONE type of fish dies in a certain pond/stream/lake, etc, then what does that tell us? Seems to me, that whatever killed them was designed  ‘genetically engineered” specifically to kill just that one breed of fish, right folks? Next question is, what species will TPTB choose next to try this toxin soup mix on???

Now for some logical theories:  I’ve been doing a bit of research myself to see just what all these death’s have in common and drawn my own conclusions based on my findings.

First off, we must consider the chem trail spraying zones. That is a given—too many have video of it happening all over the world for years! What are they spraying?? Who knows??

A week or so before, as the video below will show, massive chem trails were streaked across the sky.  Not only in the Gulf, but over the NE Texas sky West of AR and LA—I saw it myself from my own backyard!

Second, the environmental nightmare of our life time in the Gulf  of Mexico by BP and it’s affiliates,  has now moved into the gulf stream and has begun to circle the earth’s oceans, seas, and creeping up streams and into lakes.  Along with this, water vapor rises  into the atmosphere and later becomes clouds which turn to snow and rain, falling to earth carrying the carbon based Blue Plague further into land.

Third, methane gas released from volcanic activity.

This might fit the AR bird and fish death, but not that in LA or in other places around the world.

What I believe to be the main cause is #2—Gulf Blue Plague with most likely additional contaminates from #1,  the chem trail spraying…..Both of these make common sense.

And here is an additional tidbit for those along the Mississippi River Basin area and beyond. What about all the seismic activity going on along the New Madrid Fault and the splinter faults off that?  Hot Springs is not called that for nothing folks. There is a volcano located in that area, yet we hear zip about that from all those highly paid federal employees which our tax dollars pay for…..???

Valley of the Vapors

For thousands of years, this magnificent site was the gathering place of many nations.

Tribal leaders and spiritual elders made pilgrimages to the Great Ma-na-ta-ka Mountain to sit in great councils with many tribes.

Some came every seven years, others came every eleven years, and others made the journey more frequently depending on local custom.

Tribal leaders prayed and made peace offerings to the Creator, the Great Manataka – Place of Peace Mountain and each other.

Click here for more info: The Story of Manataka The Place of Peace – The Sacred Mountain and the Valley of the Vapors…”

Silica: Proof of  past Volcanic activity around Hot Springs, AR


Hell’s Half-Acre

Hot Springs, Arkansas – Hell’s Half Acre. 

A place feared by locals and avoided by animals, even hunting dogs. Although it is called Hell’s Half Acre, it is actually an acre or more of huge rocks, with no plants, no growth and is an utter mystery to geologists. As far back as the 1870’s, it was public anomaly. some say that the gully of rocks is the crater of an extinct volcano that heats the thermal hot springs in the nearby city. geologists acknowledge this as a natural formation, but deny that it was once a volcano. it is said that the Devil himself lives below this bizarre, barren site.


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15 thoughts on “Gulf Blue Plague to blame for death of Birds and Fish?

    • Hi SH
      Thank you for the support. I just find it all too bizarre! And trying to blame it all on “fireworks” is really stupid of them!
      I really think we are looking at a COMBINATION of events, genetic manipulation in the bulk of the fish kills and the bulk of the birds, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time when TPTB sprayed those chemicals or were testing some type of sound weapon.

      • Oh…and least we forget, the terror that was unleashed by BP and their ilk in the Gulf, which is now in the gulf stream, which can also account for massive kills along sea coasts all over the world.

  1. Not sure if the link above will show what I mapped, but here is the deal—Cincinnati, AR is due east of Fayetteville, AR along the OK border.

    Beebee, AR where the 5000+ birds were found is NE of Hot Springs and Little Rock……
    That’s a really great distance IMO–looks to be a couple hundred miles at least, for a tornado to have dropped that amount of birds???

  2. Good Morning Lisa. I smell Government involvement here and in England. How scientific to target certain breeds for extinction both bird and fish and now let us apply that to certain strains of humans. Hmmm? The New World Order and the UN continue to talk about our over populated world, Hmmmmmmmm? again.

    I put nothing past the powers that be in this world today. My trust is in God and God alone anymore.

    • Sami,
      Seems they did have a bad storm. 3 people lost their lives from this round of storms.
      It could also explain those few birds found dead due to “Blunt force trauma”……but again, not the bulk of them, nor the massive fish kills.

  3. Here is one method that is lethal and yet we never hear about, but KNOW it exists. Wonder what scale it would need to be to drop a flock of birds in midair?

    Sound Weapon

  4. Hi Sami
    Thank you. Like your daughter, this bird and fish kill really concerned me. The MSM is bogus and think we the people are totally dumbed down from their liberal teachings, but many don’t buy the lies.
    What really is a very strange happening in all this, is that only certain breeds of fish died and not all the breeds in the same locations??? WHY and HOW is that I have to ask?
    The only answer I can figure is that whatever killed just certain breeds, was designed by TPTB to kill just that one type of fish.
    Something evil this way comes!

  5. Great post Lisa. My daughter has been asking me about this and frankly I had no clue. Your Common Sense look at the possibilities makes more sense than anything being reported by the Scientific Community. Of course, they may not want us to know the truth.

    • My hubby wonders if a tornado might have scooped up the birds and killed them? Guess that is a possible though I don’t recall that kind of storm during that time?? And it doesn’t explain the fish death’s.

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