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Glenn Beck finally catching up with Alex Jones?

I must say, personally I have listened to Glen Beck allot and found that I would be just thrilled with many of the topics he was exploring on the MSM, getting some facts and real history out there. But I also  must say by that same coin, there are times I have to wonder at what the heck he is doing or what agenda is he really promoting?


7 thoughts on “Glenn Beck finally catching up with Alex Jones?

  1. To a paleoconservative Beck’s information is not original nor inspiring; as it can be understood as cliche.

    • I guess it really depends on the “Target Market” that Beck is trying to reach. Most that he talks about I KNOW it to be truth, but that does not mean the kids or young adults today were taught the same thing older generations were taught or experienced.
      The public schools have been infiltrated with Revisionists and those books are NOT the same as what I was taught in school nor what was talked about in our local communities from our friends and neighbors.

    • Whiteylawful
      I agree to an extent, but Beck has presented allot of good information. It is up to each of us to research what he says and see what clicks and what doesn’t.

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