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JFK Blockbuster Coverup Revealed by ex-FBI agent

Propaganda Flier handed out in Dallas before the Assassination

Alex Jones welcomes back to the show Don Adams, the former FBI agent who has presented compelling evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate president John F. Kennedy.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Latest compelling evidence from expert, Tom Wilson.

Was JFK shot from the sewer drains beneath Dealey Plaza?

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9 thoughts on “JFK Blockbuster Coverup Revealed by ex-FBI agent

  1. Agreed Lisa. I was 14 at the time and I have a vivid memory of the event. At that age and after seeing that happen on TV I began early to question our Government. I always felt LBJ had a hand in it. Yes Lisa, there are things hidden that we see and others don’t. I do not understand all that I see or suspect but somehow know it is there working in the background. Jesus said, you hear the wind blow and you know not from where it came and yet you believe it. Jesus opened my eyes to many things on January 5, 1978 and I will never forget that day nor will I ever be able to stop talking about it.

  2. Good Morning Lisa. Will we ever really know who was behind the JFK conspiracy. So many eye witnesses died shortly after that the truth may never be fully known. One thing for sure. IT WAS NOT A LONE ASSASSIN.

    • Morning Sami

      I was only 3 years old when JFK died, but my dad always said that he was shot from the FRONT, not from above.
      The grassy knoll theory fit, but IMO it was not the right angle. The last video above fits the deed and Tom Wilson shows how he came to his conclusions. I agree with him.

      Was there a consiparcy to murder JFK? Oh yeah…..
      Did they use Oswald as a patsy? I’m sure of it….
      Did they walk away free as a bird and have they hidden this all these years? Yes
      Is this corruption still in high places and a threat to our country? A profound YES!!

      We may never fully know the truth of WHO did it, but the fact that they were able to do such a thing to a man elected to the highest office, with the aide of even the SS and other federal organizations, just proves that there are forces ruling this country behind the scene that WE THE PEOPLE do not know about. and when American’s dare to question these things, they are demonized or belittled as conspiracy theorist……

      I say, hmmm, okay Neo-commies—we SEE you and now know why you say those things!

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