Truthers Still Remember and look for Answers to the attack of 9/11

The infamous day of Sept. 11th is fast approaching and yet instead of closure of this crime, for years, the powers that be has given We The People a bunch of propaganda and little facts,  if any at all.  We were TOLD that the “Terrorist crimes” were committed by Muslim extremist, yet they, the powers that be,  the masters of deception and disinformation,  have seen to it that any that dare question their inept findings are demonized and belittled as “Truthers”.  lol

I’m proud to be considered a TRUTHER and hope to see the truth fully revealed about this attack on our home soil, and those who committed these crimes prosecuted, and finally closure will be found.

Expert after expert has stood tall stating the physical impossibilities of the twin towers collapse, we even have firefighters at ground zero talking about the multiple explosions that took down the buildings, just like they were rigged for demolition. And if that was not enough proof, what about the 3rd building that collapsed in the exact same fashion as the towers,  which was NOT hit by a plane? Hmmm…seems the plot was missing a plane that was suppose to hit the building,  yet maybe got diverted by some passenger HEROS perhaps?

Though the criminals/ terrorists that committed these crime were surely killed in the crashes, fear mongering fed by agenda driven medias and outraged emotions took hold of our country, myself included after it happened. Add this,  along with LIES of WMD which were leaked and next thing you know, we went to war on a nation, that was NEVER 100% proven to have had one thing to do with any of  the attacks on that fateful day.

I’ve always wondered why Saddam Hussein claimed the USA had betrayed him? Interesting thing to say when you’re about to get hung IMO.

Now flash forward with ten years of media spun hatred against the boogy man Islam and now another outrage ‘crisis’ has developed with the questionable Mosque building,  should they or should they not build it near ground zero?

Personally, I think they should not,  not because they are Muslim or guilty of the crimes committed on 9/11,  but in order to promote goodwill to their fellow Americans,who have been programmed for ten years with  media spewing hatred for some unknown agenda not yet revealed.  If we go by the Constitution, they have the right to erect their building as code allows….the end.

It is with extreme HONOR that I offer my prayers to the families and to the brave souls who died that day in the planes, on the ground, those who died trying to rescue others,  and our soldiers who were sent to a foreign land.  I shall never forgot that fateful day, nor shall I ever give up questioning the TRUTH of what really happened that terrible day and afterwards. Below is a video of thousands who also remember and still seek answers of that day.

You are REMEMBERED.  May our Heavenly Father bring you peace.

God Bless the USA

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