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Steve Quayle: Return of the LongWalkers, Alien Invasion and the Rise of the One World Government

Return of the Long Walkers  “Alien Invasion and the Rise of the One World Government”

Author and researcher Steve Quayle discusses escalating geopolitical flash points and their possible relationship to biblical prophecy, WWIII and ‘end times.’ He also talks about his research into UFOs, aliens, and giants. According to his military sources, there are underground facilities such as Dulce that house labs with alien experimentation, and “black physics”.

Lisa In Tx note: I must say that I find Mr. Quayle’s theories and beliefs to be very compelling and most of what he says,  corresponds to my own research on many of these same subjects. If you do not agree, I hope that you will at least research the subjects and the key words to gather the truth for yourself as I have done.

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16 thoughts on “Steve Quayle: Return of the LongWalkers, Alien Invasion and the Rise of the One World Government

  1. Makes you wonder what the hell they doing over there.It sure not to lower the price of oil…

    • Right you are Fred. The NWO is getting ready for their “king” to appear who will be disguised as an angel of light but IS the DRAGON aka satan.
      God Bless

  2. Vimana’s have ALWAYS been here….they have just been hiding, waiting for a time to reveal themselves to gather up the Seed of Adam on a worldwide/Global scale.
    Folks, Do not be deceived! They are NOT ALIEN….but Fallen Angels, Demon’s and mean to kill off and destroy mankind.
    Giorgio A. Tsoukalos–Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine
    Dr. Algund Eendoom, Writer, Aircraft of the Pharaohs
    David Childress, writer, Technology of the Gods
    Michael Cremo, writer, Forbidden Archaeology
    Steven M. Greer–Dir, of the Disclosure Project


  3. Sept 14, 2010 LATEST UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hmmm….interesting? Could the warnings by the ‘watchers’ be true?

    A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth’s principal cities. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere dangerously approaching a “critical mass.”


  4. I think Bin Laden is a CIA op and holds only the power given him by that organization and that which is released and planted in the media to spin.
    The Saudi traded religion to a great extent, for a pact with the West.
    IMO–As to Muslim extremist, they have been created by our corrupt foreign policy since LBJ days. We are their enemies for sure because of it, and it is well earned on our part. Policing and raping the resources of those countries has a price, and it will be the innocent American people who pay the price for the greed and corruption of others.
    We attack them and call them “Terrorist” and claim they hide out those same terrorist and will kill the innocent for hiding them because they refuse to weed them out, yet then we cry foul, when they stand up and fight back for their right to exist in this world.
    How can we arrogantly claim to be taking the high road, when our very own policy is that of being death dealers, thieves and oppressive to those countries we overtake?
    Lawrence of Arabia, a British op, once told HOW to divide the Ottoman Empire. It is very simple, Divide the tribes and insight them against each other and they would fall.
    Our country’s foreign policy has been manipulating the ME for decades, that I’m sure we can agree on for sure. My question is WHY and WHO has gained the most from it, and WHERE is this leading us?
    My thoughts are the media these days is by design, created to insight us against each other in every way possible. It divides us on moral and spiritual levels and the war has only begun.

  5. Good evening Lisa

    The Anointed One may very well provoke WW3 by his weak handed approach to foreign affairs and the Bankrupting of America.

    • Evening Sami,
      I agree about the US being in a ‘weakened’ state for sure. After years of policing someone elses country and someone elses war agenda, our resources are very depleted.
      The bankrupting of America began once the Fed aka Rothchild’s, got control of our banks and economy.
      Obama most likely couldn’t balance his check book much-less run our country, but that isn’t his job anyway—he is just a child actor playing out his dream of being King Obama and the whole world is his stage.

      • You got that right Lisa on all counts to an extent. You sure have been a little feisty lately, but then again that is what makes you so………ALL AMERICAN.

  6. Lisa, Absolutely Fascinating Concept you have uncovered. I am open to this kind of thinking and will do some research of my own. How do you find this stuff girl?

    Everyone needs to look beyond what is seen and see the ” Unseen” imo.

    • Hey Sami
      Glad that you found the info fascinating and plan to research some of it. 😉
      As to where I find this information, most is from research and taking notes, then watching allot of videos and reading articles, then comparing those findings to the Bible. Some I’ve disregarded, others seem to fall in line with what I’ve discovered like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
      Found Steve Quayle after reviewing the book of Enoch and searching for Giants of the Bible and the Nephilim …..

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