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Court Martial for Military Personnel for viewing WikiLeaks? WTH??

Okay, so if you can’t stop those that Leak the truth, you go after those that ‘might’ read it, right Commies? I thought once “Secret” information was made PUBLIC, that automatically made it DE-CLASSIFIED, right? How can it still be considered ‘classified”?

I wonder what world people LIVE IN these days? Blind leading the blind right off the cliff of reason! Guess “The Powers that be” aka Uncle Sam, will next determine the color of underwear they “Authorize” others to wear! Man, this ‘control’ thang out of DC is getting worse by the day!

News: WikiLeaks website not authorized

III Marine Expeditionary Force Public Affairs

Story by Lance Cpl. Shelby Shields


Date Posted:08.12.2010 21:30

Location:Camp Foster, 47, JP

Many people have heard of the website WikiLeaks, a document sharing website where anyone can contribute leaks of sensitive governmental, corporate, organizational, or religious documents anonymously. Its recent increase in popularity may be contributed in large part to the recent “leak” of classified documents from Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that the information is now available to the general public, the information is still classified. According to Executive Order 13526, section 1.1, paragraph 4, sub-section C, “classified information shall not be declassified automatically as a result of any unauthorized disclosure of identical or similar information.”

“We’re just trying to get the word out to everyone and prevent service members from ruining their careers over this,” said Michael Miglionico, the information assurance manager, Marine Corps Bases Japan. “Luckily so far we’ve had no reported incidences.”

Viewing or downloading these documents without the proper security clearance and authority can result in a variety of repercussions from non-judicial punishment to court martial, loss of clearance and denial of reenlistment.

“Many jobs require a clearance and if you lose that, you will have to be moved to another job, and you will probably be denied re-enlistment,” said Gunnery Sgt. Ruben Martinez, the information assurance chief for Marine Corps Bases Japan.

In addition to the personal ramifications, accessing WikiLeaks on a government computer, even out of pure curiosity, creates what is called “spillage,” Miglionico said. Cleaning up “spillage” takes a lot of IA man hours and even more government money.

While accessing the site from a personal computer may seem harmless, it is actually more detrimental to a service member’s career. Accessing WikiLeaks this way means there was an intent to seek out information that is above the persons clearance authority, and can often be a career ender.

“Just one Marine not being able to do their job hurts the whole shop,” Martinez said. “All because one person is curious.”

“Just because it is on the Internet does not mean it’s not classified,” said Miglionico.

Despite the site’s high visibility on the news, or your own curiosity, the information on WikiLeaks is still classified, and therefore cannot be viewed by unauthorized individuals.



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2 thoughts on “Court Martial for Military Personnel for viewing WikiLeaks? WTH??

  1. I don’t recall ever hearing about WikiLeaks til now…..I must say, I like their spunk!! LOL

    Just hope no one gets hurt over all this stuff—but that is war huh….most likely gonna die either way at some point.
    What LBJ did on purpose can not even come close to what WikiLeaks has done to hopefully prevent more death…
    Guess it all depends on what side of the fence a person is looking over on who is in the wrong……

  2. about the paranoia! As I see it, what difference does it make whether they read it or not? I mean if the enemy can read it, shouldn’t the info be given to our soldiers so they TOO know what the hell is going on?
    I mean are our troops to be mere mushrooms, fed shit and kept in the dark?
    As to military code, who gives a rats butt!!! If that crap meant anything we wouldn’t have a damn communist in the oval office right now, nor a house and senate full of the same said commies to deal with!
    They ONLY demand the rules be followed when someone ELSE is breaking them that they can’t control or did not give permission for them to break them. That is the system we NOW have, maybe always have had???

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