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Raindrops falling on your head? Be Careful, they could belong to the Federal Government soon.

Water is power, and whoever controls the water controls the world!

What is land without water? What is a farm or ranch without water? What is a Community, County, State, Nation or Country without water? Without water or rights to water,  we humans and those creatures we nurture and raise for our livelihoods are made desolate.

It is time that we understand the true nature of this life bringing compound that can exist in either liquid, solid or gaseous states, which God has given to us FREELY and  how His mighty everyday GIFT is being taken away by the evil and corruption that surrounds us today.

Besides being born of water as are all mammals,  H2O is also a necessity of life to all God’s living and breathing creations and a natural and clean source of energy. Imagine right now your personal and everyday uses for this liquid: drinking, bathing, washing, watering our flowerbeds, yards, pets, crops and livestock grown and raised by farmers for the food and meat we buy in the marketplace, the power of a Hydro-electric plant. Now think of  the water in our fresh water lakes, ponds and streams that some of us stock with fish for personal use or those public areas that we fish from and take the family to for recreational play and down time. Those in rural areas that have water wells are also at risk of loosing access to their water resource, as are those who collect rainwater in cisterns.

Now, imagine a time when the rain water that falls or flows onto our private properties being OWNED by a corrupt government entity that forbids you the use of said water for your personal use, say to grow crops or water your livestock.  Think this can not happen?

It already is people in several states!!!

And now there is a Federal Bill in Congress backed by the list of senators below, who wishes to take it to a NATIONAL FEDERAL LEVEL. Call your state Reps or email them to find out how this BOGUS Bill is or will affect you in your state.

Tell them HELL NO to federal control over our private water rights.

SENATE BILL 787: Clean Water Restoration Act

Official Summary

4/2/2009–Introduced.Clean Water Restoration Act – Amends the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (commonly known as the Clean Water Act) to replace the term “navigable waters” that are subject to such Act with the term “waters of the United States,” defined to mean all waters subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, the territorial seas, and all interstate and intrastate waters and their tributaries, including lakes, rivers, streams (including intermittent streams), mudflats, sandflats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes, natural ponds, and all impoundments of the foregoing, to the fullest extent that these waters, or activities affecting them, are subject to the legislative power of Congress under the Constitution. Declares that nothing in such Act affects the authority of the Secretary of the Army or the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the provisions of the Clean Water Act related to discharges:
(1) composed entirely of return flows from irrigated agriculture;
(2) of stormwater runoff from certain oil, gas, and mining operations composed entirely of flows from precipitation runoff conveyances, which are not contaminated by or in contact with specified materials;
(3) of dredged or fill materials resulting from normal farming, silviculture, and ranching activities, from upland soil and water conservation practices, or from activities with respect to which a state has an approved water quality regulatory program; or
(4) of dredged or fill materials for the maintenance of currently serviceable structures, the construction or maintenance of farm or stock ponds, irrigation ditches and maintenance of drainage ditches, or farm, forest, or temporary roads for moving mining equipment in accordance with best management practices, or the construction of temporary sedimentation basins on construction sites for which discharges do not include placement of fill material into the waters of the United States.

Senate Bill 787 will change federal jurisdiction over “navigable” water, to give the federal government control over all water everywhere, in municipal reservoirs, and on private lands, and in private wells. This bill ignores state water law authority and the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution. Learn more at http://sovereignty.net

Who Sponsors Bill 787: Senator Russell Feingold and 24 others (See below for list)

Russell FeingoldD-WI

View Co-Sponsors (24)

The POWER of Water


What is H20:

Water (H2O) is the most abundant compound on Earth’s surface, constituting about 70% of the planet’s surface. In nature it exists in liquid, solid, and gaseous states. It is in dynamic equilibrium between the liquid and gas states at standard temperature and pressure. At room temperature, it is a nearly colorless with a hint of blue, tasteless, and odorless liquid. Many substances dissolve in water and it is commonly referred to as the universal solvent. Because of this, water in nature and in use is rarely pure and some of its properties may vary slightly from those of the pure substance. However, there are many compounds that are essentially, if not completely, insoluble in water. Water is the only common substance found naturally in all three common states of matter and it is essential for life on Earth. Water usually makes up 55% to 78% of the human body



“Her water broke!”

The amniotic sac grows and begins to fill, mainly with water, around two weeks after fertilization. After a further 10 weeks the liquid contains proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and phospholipids, urea and electrolytes, all of which aid in the growth of the fetus. Amniotic fluid is produced by exudation of fluid through the skin of the fetus up to 14 weeks in pregnancy, when keratinization of skin occurs. During 8–11 weeks, the fetus begin to swallow and urinate, which is why the amniotic fluid consists of fetal urine at the late stages of gestation.

The amniotic fluid increases in volume as the fetus grows. The amount of amniotic fluid is greatest at about 34 weeks after conception or 34 weeks ga (gestational age). At 34 weeks ga, the amount of amniotic fluid is about 800 ml. This amount reduces to about 600 ml at 40 weeks ga when the baby is born.

The forewaters are released when the amnion ruptures, commonly known as when a woman’s “water breaks”. When this occurs during labour at term, it is known as “spontaneous rupture of membranes” (SROM). If the rupture precedes labour at term, however, it is referred to as “premature rupture of membranes” (PROM). The majority of the hindwaters remain inside the womb until the baby is born. Artificial rupture of membrane (ARM), in which manual intervention of amniotic sac is done to rupture the sac, can also be performed.



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6 thoughts on “Raindrops falling on your head? Be Careful, they could belong to the Federal Government soon.

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  2. In other words they are trying to say they will take your h2o under the disguise of imminent domain.

    The property owner whose water well got sucked dry rural water company is in a bind.

    We were told by DEQ that the rural water
    development is sort of like a private entity & that EPA don’t regulator “surface” water.

    Another person said that he had no water to give his cattle. The water co told him that they only deal in humans.

    It’s hard 2 get property w/water rights.

    • Morning Arlene
      I think you are right on. They are gonna use whatever illegal unethical means at their disposal to secure our water and claim it is for conservation.

      We have 3 water wells on our property that we are not using. Need a windmill and pump to pull the water should electrical grid get hit.
      When we lived in Amarillo, out in harsh dry rural areas, I noticed that several folks collected rain water into above ground cisterns—they looked like those type of tanks that were used in the old days that were erected in townships next to the railroad.

    • Arlene,

      Your friend should still be able to dig his own stock ponds?? Guess it depends on size of property and if there are county codes that would prevent him from doing such. It would be worth looking into—using a backhoe or some such to dig a big pond, then using the dirt removed to form a dam around it to hold in the water.
      Flowing streams can not be ‘dammed” on private properties because they tie into others properties down the line. I agree these should not be dammed for just one person’s use, that is not right.

      Here are a bunch of photos of different water tanks that might be helpful to use.


  3. A most excellent Post you have here Lisa.

    They are already controlling the Air we Breath and now the water that falls from Heaven.

    • Thank you Sami. USDA wants our land to force us to plant trees, the EPA wants to tax our farting carbon footprints, now the Feds want our private water and even the rain that falls on our heads, Bio-diversity calls for human depopulation, relocation or death for the betterment of conservation ……

      It’s just amazing just how evil, greedy and truly controlling our country has become, so far from our Lord and the Constitution as to make BOTH non-existent! I think that is the purpose of it all.
      And some still think that Satan, Lucifer, the Devil does not exist….wow, we are totally surrounded by his evil deeds.

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