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Losers writing history Or just more Revisionist lies?

{Sorry, it appears this video interview of June 2010 is not there anymore. I am trying to locate another to replace it. }

I appreciate and agree with what Glenn Beck is doing regarding  disclosure of our Black American Founding Fathers,  Black leaders and heros, but for David Barton’s analogy to say that “Losers wrote history” is IMO– MORE revisionist lies.  Seems that all our history is still not being disclosed,  such as the fact the radical greedy North aka “Carpet Baggers” controlled the southern states for another 10 years AFTER the Civil war and that no southerner could hold any office nor vote afterward. See Cause of the Uncivil War: The Morrill Tariff

Perhaps in some cases history was hidden by southerners, but my question would be, WHY did they do it and WHO did it?  Since David Barton can go on national TV and name Texas among those that are doing such a thing, I request, nay, demand to know WHERE  these photos of  Early Black leaders hidden “Under the staircase” took place,  and to have an accounting from those in charge as to WHY it was done. I also wonder if he conducted the SAME OBSERVATIONS/RESEARCH up North and if so, what did he discover there.

Generalizing and Demonizing the South, while not revealing more facts, is still wrong Mr. Barton, even for Beck, who also has a ‘truther-fetish” against those questioning  the attack of 9/11.

“Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before its too late…It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision….

It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our right and liberties.” —Major General Patrick R. Cleburne, CSA, January 1864

A short take on the Confederate War

A Tribute to our Black Confederate Soldiers

Some interesting quotes to consider:

Writing in December of 1861 in a London weekly publication, the famous English author, Charles Dickens, who was a strong opponent of slavery, said these things about the war going on in America:

“The Northern onslaught upon slavery is no more than a piece of specious humbug disguised to conceal its desire for economic control of the United States.”….“Union means so many millions a year lost to the South; secession means loss of the same millions to the North.  The love of money is the root of this as many, many other evils.  The quarrel between the North and South is, as it stands, solely a fiscal quarrel.”

Even the zionist-communist could see what would happen! Karl Marx aka Moses Levy Mordecai, like most European socialists of the time favored the North.  In an 1861 article published in England, he articulated very well what the major British newspapers, the Times, the Economist, and Saturday Review, had been saying:

“The war between the North and South is a tariff war.  The war, is further, not for any principle, does not touch the question of slavery, and in fact turns on the Northern lust for power.”


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  2. Dang–can’t find the one where the Giant Armadillo attacked the Beer truck!!! Guess this will have to do til I can find the documentary, I mean commercial!—LOL
    The Texas Armored Armadillo:
    The toughest, most durable animal known to man. This armadillo can achieve the size of Volkswagon Beetles. If they achieve anything near that size, they have a tendency to follow and attack Lone Star Beer trucks in transit to grocery stores. Lone Star Beer Company now has armed National Guardsman following every convoy of beer to assure that it reaches its destination. Even the National Guard cannot even stand up to these armored marauders. NOTE: They love to sleep on the side of Texas roads, do not disturb if you find them.

  3. It was a scorcher out there! The sunlight gave my skin a burning sensation just by walking outside—this is not normal for me at all with my farmers dark tan. Not talking “Sunburn” from being out too long, this was stepping off the porch into the sunlight kinda thing.
    Not sure about Lone Star, haven’t seen an armadillo long neck in years…LOL—remember the commercials??? hahahahaa—loved those

  4. A quick hello to Lisa, Kink and all of our friends near and far. Good to see y’all.

    Lisa that vid on the chemicals in the Gulf – I agree with its tenor and tone. I have worried that the dispersal agent(s) will be worse than the oil. At least oil is a natural substance. The army is spraying one chemical; BP is using another. Now who will know who to sue – BP or the US. I say all of them and the horses they rode in on.


    • Hey SH—great to see you too and share our thoughts on the issues.
      I agree with you, those additional chemicals being sprayed are IMO, the most dangerous and toxic. Who knows what will happen once they all mixed together in the Gulf soup…..doesn’t sound good at all.
      Maybe the mixing of the toxic chemicals is ‘their’ way of eliminating the massive amount of lawsuits that would normally pop up after such a disaster? If there is a serious population decrease, then less lawsuits?

      • I believe that lawsuits will proceed for those still in the area because of the health risk. There could be long term health problems as there were with agent orange in nam. Didn’t show up until years later. I believe the health problems will be a major part of lawsuits.

        You could be right – use of tox chemicals could be their way of saying they did all they could – but

        In the case of our government, and people will be suing it (think there is already one in the hopper), inacction and resistance to letting other nations and other types of cleanup and protection devises into the situation before this is irresponsible.

        IMO, the Gulf is dead and never will come back.

        • Good Morning SH
          I agree. I too think the Gulf Coast is gonna be a dead zone and these storms aka Alex in the Gulf, are ‘conveniently” pushing the winds inland and westerly in accordance with the US Bio-Diversity map…..call me paranoid, but when even a damn MAP is drawn out for us, what else can we say to the conspirators?
          Maybe we could say: “Thank you evil ones for the advance warning and marking “X” on the map?”
          As to lawsuits, wonder how that works once we are under full out attack by the government under martial law? How can we sue from within the confines of a death camp aka FEMA installment or amongst chaos of forced relocation?

        • SH, I’m moving our convo over to the new blog post to add to the topic at hand. It deserves every word of our input on that thread and I appreciate and respect your take on this subject.

          I think the east coast and your location, for the most part, will be spared according to that map.

  5. Kink—-you in FL and Gulf States!
    Here is an Alert for the Gulf Coast from insider sources. Sounds like good advice on relo now if possible, and not wait to be forced by the federalist!

  6. Comment from the video….interesting–IMO
    1 month ago 5
    I’m a builder and constructed 3 rooms in post offices between STUDIO CITY and BEVERLY HILLS. I was shocked that I was asked to install gas ovens in these rooms. “what’s that for” I asked. For burning documents I was told. But I tell you, they looked like mortuary furnaces to me. I reckon they’re for getting rid of bodies of those that wont take the forced inoculations etc.”

  7. Thanks for this laugh, FOX. Laughs needed all around these days. “Like taking Ghandi from a baby” too much!

    Hey FOX – this is liberal music. How come you are into liberal music LOL. Good grief, I remember Baez as a peacenik.

  8. Howdy Lisa and Fox, sorry been out all day and just got in, posted some stuff today, just to get my feet wet again, stop by and take a look, I will make an effort to stop by once a day time permitting, boooo yaaa and good night Patriots Kinky

    • Hey Kink—We’ve missed your input, but totally understand that sometimes real life takes precedence over blogging….lol

      Headed over to check out your latest post…..Welcome back, even if it’s only once a day, we are glad to see ya and hear from ya. 🙂

  9. HOLY COW!!! @#$%@#$%$^$#%#$%&#@!@
    Check out this plane carrying NUKES across America and didn’t KNOW IT!!! They flew right over my house and land!!!

  10. We have yet again been driven to the point of economic collapse by the Powers that Be, and look to be nose diving backwards in time and history.
    As to what the populace will think of the “bad” people, I believe some will consider them heros, while others consider them terrorist , traitors or both.
    Some consider Hama’s and the Taliban as terrorist, while others look up to them as “Freedom Fighters and heros”….
    Much the same way the South is STILL being demonized or even those who fought in the War for Independence were thought of as Heros or Traitors…..Guess it boils down to, which side a person is on, who wins and then writes the history.

  11. Hey Lisa!! I have been meaning to comment on the Methane Gas bubble post, after I read your comments I started to look into the possibility of such an happening and to my dismal surprise it could happen! A tidal wave that would cover the state of Florida, ohhhh goody.

    Not much time to participate on blogs these days, but thanks for carrying the torch for the old krew!! If I get time I will be back, things crazy here, started a new job and was cut three weeks later, so gotta focus on getting work, take care Kinky

    • Hey KINK!!!!
      So good to hear from you…..When I heard about the possibilities of this gas bubble down your way, I’ve been worried about you ever since.
      Least now, I know you are informed of it and can take precautions should this terrible situation happen, God willing, it will not happen.
      Sorry about your job and here is wishing you find a great one soon. 🙂
      My oldest son just got laid off from his fairly new job too, seems a total idiot on his second infraction of this type, has finally managed to blow up the shop they were working at and now many lost their jobs til and if, they rebuild it.

  12. “The war of 1861-65 was not a “civil” war. To call it the “Civil War” is not a historically accurate and honest use of language. It is the propaganda of the victors having attained popular usage. No one in the South was attempting to overthrow the U. S. government. Few Southerners had any interest in overthrowing their own or anyone else’s state governments. The Southern states had seen that continued union with the North would jeopardize their liberties and economic wellbeing. Through the proper constitutional means of state conventions and referendums they sought to withdraw from the Union and establish their independence just as the American Colonies had sought their independence from Great Britain in 1776 and for very similar reasons. The Northern industrialists, however, were not willing to give up their Southern Colonies. A more appropriate name for the uncivil war of 1861-65 would be “The War for Southern Independence.”

    But had it not been for the Morrill Tariff there would have been no rush to Secession by Southern states and very probably no war. The Morrill Tariff of 1860, so unabashed and unashamed in its short-sighted, partisan greed, stands as an astonishing monument to the self-centered depravity of man and to its consequences. No wonder most Americans would like to see it forgotten and covered over with a more morally satisfying but largely false version of the causes of the Uncivil War.”

    Mike Scruggs is an historian who now lives in Hendersonville, NC

  13. Looking at some of the history such as robbing the bankers, the railroads, etc……makes me wonder if those that did these things, already figured out who was really ripping off the American people???–lol,,,,,hmmmmm, could be??
    Bonnie and Clyde were considered ‘folk heros’ around my neck of the woods…they even paid my grand-father’s gas station a visit back in the day, and according to my dad, they were very polite and charming.
    I guess in today’s current insanity of laws, my grand-father would be arrested as a bank robber for “associating” with them.

  14. It’s not just in the Civil War that brother literally fought brother; in Afghanistan, in Iraq, on the Normandy beach heads – whenever there is a war, brothers fight brothers. And it is never pretty, nor painless, nor profitable.

    The movie “Glory” I think illustrates so much unknown about the history of the Civil War: the role of blacks and a Southern Fort that the never was taken. Here is the final, devastating scene that clearly shows there were no victors among them. However, I was reminded of General Lee and what a fine and worthy adversary he was and held in great esteem on both sides. And I love the stories of him and his horse Traveler. The head of one of the most famous horses of the north, “Old Baldy” is on display at the Civil War Museum in Philadelphia but I think it is closed pending relocation. You can Google his name and find an image of him.

    • Morning SH
      I agree about war, whether it’s here or elsewhere, it is never a ‘winning’ situation.
      I’ve seen the movie Glory and it was awesome and very compelling. They died gallantly, fighting for a cause they were told was happening, not IMO, nor based on the full truth behind the invasion.
      IMO—This compares to our present military that are fighting in FOREIGN countries. They are told one thing, serve honorably and die for “the cause” told them, when the REALITY is another.
      Gen. Robert E Lee has been demonized as satan himself by most from what I’ve gathered….unbelievable how much the truth of his life and who he was has been hidden from the public.
      The History channel offered a glimpse of the General not long ago and I must say I was impressed for the most part with that revealing.

      • Sorry about the misplaced comment. I repeated it below for the FOX.

        I lived in Alexandria, VA for a couple of years. I went to the Civil War Museum in Richmond. It was remarkable and memorable. But I have also read northern accounts of what a fine man Lee was.

        Here is one Southern soldier’s account of the respect for southern troops at the end of the war. You really have to go back to the original documents and memoirs for the truth. I processed the Western Union papers. The line west to California was laid during the War. Many letters from the north condemned Lincoln. Who would have thought.

        The End Of The Civil War
        “Reminiscences Of The Civil War” by Maj. Gen. John B. Gordon, CS
        surrender.jpg (44324 bytes)
        “Furling of the Flags” painting by Richard Norris Brooke

        GENERAL LONGSTREET’S forces and mine at Appomattox, numbered, together, less than 8000 men; but every man able to bear arms was still resolute and ready for battle. There were present three times that many enrolled Confederates; but two thirds of them were so enfeebled by hunger, so wasted by sickness, and so foot-sore from constant marching that it was difficult for them to keep up with the army. They were wholly unfit for duty. It is important to note this fact as explaining the great difference in the number of those who fought and those who were to be fed. At the final meeting between General Lee and General Grant rations were ordered by General Grant for 25,000 Confederates.
        Marked consideration and courtesy were exhibited at Appomattox by the victorious Federals, from the commanding generals to the privates in the ranks. General Meade, who had known General Lee in the old army, paid, after the surrender, an unofficial visit to the Confederate chieftain. After cordial salutations, General Lee said playfully to his former comrade in arms that years were telling upon him. General Meade, who had fought Lee at Gettysburg and in many subsequent battles, made the strikingly gracious and magnanimous answer: “Not years, but General Lee himself has made me gray.”
        Some of the scenes on the field, immediately after the cessation of hostilities and prior to the formal surrender, illustrate the same magnanimous spirit, and were peculiarly impressive and thrilling. As my command, in worn-out shoes and ragged uniforms, but with proud mien, moved to the designated point to stack their arms and surrender their cherished battle-flags, they challenged the admiration of the brave victors. One of the knightliest soldiers of the Federal army, General Joshua L. Chamberlain of Maine, who afterward served with distinction as governor of his State, called his troops into line, and as my men marched in front of them, the veterans in blue gave a soldierly salute to those vanquished heroes — a token of respect from Americans to Americans, a final and fitting tribute from Northern to Southern chivalry.

        LIsa – I have visited Appomattox. It is a moving place and my favorite battlefield – a poor little farm bloodied by this terrible slaughter. Troops from my little village fought and died there. I was struck by the similarity of the terrain between Appomattox and here.

        I won’t slow your thread with anymore volumes! But just so you know, I have a winterized Southern Magnolia in my back yard. Hang in, Dixie.

        • SH
          It is good to know that some Northerner’s are educated in some of the truth of the war, I have hope that one day, more will understand it for what it really was. Good and bad elements were on BOTH sides of that war, as they are even in today’s society.
          Pres. Lincoln, IMO, regretted his war on the South once he discovered just how pissed off and determined the South really was at the unfair tariffs and his admin and congress stomping on their civil, state rights and sovereignty.
          I also think he began to figure out that he had been USED as a puppet by those “Radicals” surrounding him and started printing Union “Green Backs”, bypassing the “Federal Reserve”. He also was NOT going to “punish” the South after the war, thus bumped heads again with the greedy dogs of war that had endorsed him, and it was those people, IMO, who arranged for his assassination and blamed it on the South giving themselves “justification” for martial law and rape of the south for an additional 10 years afterwards.
          When they invaded VA, that is when General Lee got involved, because he knew and understood that he was a Virginian above the federal union and their Constitution stomping congress of thieves. It grieved him to choose sides, but he did what he did, because it was what our founding fathers had fought and died for during the American Revolution against the British crown.
          I love Magnolia trees—they grow well down here and I see them allot just popping up along the road sides….:-}

  15. The North had many slave owners – my family among them. The civil war was fought for economic and political ends not the high ideal of abolition.

    Good post girlfriend.

    • Hey SH
      Thank ya mame! 🙂
      I find it crazy that the same lies about the North and South are STILL being told, over and over again…and when I see another like Beck or this David Barton, who are doing allot of good in bringing so much hidden history to the forefront, I guess I fully expect a FULL ACCOUNTING, not more of the same tired hateful revisionist bullcrap.

  16. http://www.tspb.state.tx.us/SPB/SPB/Contact/Contact.htm

    To whom it may concern:
    It has recently come to my attention from the Glenn Beck Show, which aired 6-25-10 regarding Black Founding Fathers, that a man named David Barton has stated that many of our state Black elected leaders photos are grouped together and “HIDDEN” under a staircase.
    I would like to address this issue as to WHY / IF this is being done and why and by who’s authority, they are not hanging along side all the other photos of people honored, who have served our great state.

    Please feel free to forward this email to those who may be able to answer these questions.

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