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Defining Anti-Semitism condemnation

Well if a person was to go by the Politically Correct and Media Controlled version of the term Anti-Semitic, the broad reality of the definition and what it boils down to is this:  Expect and accept HOSTILE condemnation towards you if you disagree with a person who claims they are “Jewish”, the very act of  which constitutes a  “horrendous” crime,  resulting in being labeled and demonized, thus called a Jew Hating anti-Semite! This does not apply in all cases, as no two people are the same, but when the Anti-semitic card is thrown at you to shut down debate, you WILL know it when it happens.

Merriam Dictionary defines Anti-Semite as : hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group or a social minority

Interesting enough, nothing about all the other Semitic Tribes is included.. so if a Jewish Semite hates an Arab Semite or an African Semite or an American Semite or European Semite, what does that make him?

Now granted,  there are people that just hate Jewry and everything they stand for, but those same people usually hate period….I mean that is just who they are–Haters…..

Here is a question that I have. What if someone claiming to be “Jew”,  disagrees with me and hostilely attacks me say on a personal level via the internet with a blog comment, “discriminates against me because of my religion”, hates me because I’m not Jewish because I’m instead considered a Gentile…or I disagree with Israeli foreign Policy and some of those who are in power over that country, what LAW protects ME from them?

Is there an Anti-Gentile hater law or an  Anti-Scot-Irish-German-Native American  law or an anti-American law that I am not aware of or perhaps an Anti-Christian law….hey wait a minute….anti-christ….IMO…could things be any more clearer?

So now,  WHAT  defines a Semite?

Merriam states:

Etymology: French sémite, from Sem Shem, from Late Latin, from Greek Sēm, from Hebrew Shēm
Date: 1848

1 a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs b : a descendant of these peoples

2 : a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language—-NOTE: interesting enough, nothing about African Semites is stated here

From Webster’s dictionary (1957), we find an evolved popular definition of, “1. a Semitic word or idiom, 2. Characteristics of the Semites; especially, the ideas, cultural qualities, etc, originating with the Jews.”

This definition of Semitism fits well into the Biblical scheme of things, which refers to the ancient tribes of Israel as the genealogical key-stone of the ancient Middle Eastern world and the entire human race.  This being the biblical linking of Abraham and then to the god of Moses and his tribe, and so on.  Some consider this a master myth, master god, master doctrine …… master race?  Before the ugly mirror of some of history’s darkest hours, haven’t we heard this very same sort of thing somewhere else before?

The definition of “Semitic” exists in its present state only because of religiously motivated wishful thinking in dominated English, and thus doesn’t accurately reflect known historical realities, not even according to Webster.  For example, the same dictionary defines a “Semite” as, ‘a member of any of the peoples whose language is Semitic, including the Hebrews, Arabs, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, etc; now especially the Jew’.”  In addition, “Semitic” is defined as, “1. characteristic of, or like a Semite or the Semites, 2.designating or of a major group of languages of south Western Asia and Northern Africa, related to the Hermitic languages and divided into East Semitic (Akkadian), North West (Phoenician, Punic, Aramaic, Hebrew, modern Hebrew, etc) and south West Semitic (Arabic, Ethiopic, Amharic).

“Considering the extended scope of these definitions, it would seem that anyone using the term “Semitism” is invoking something that encompasses a rather huge and diverse amount of geographical, genealogical, and cultural ground, of which the Jews are only a segment.  As such, one might just as well accuse the Israelis and their supporters of being anti-Semitists for aiding Israel’s colonialist aggressions against the Palestinians.  It is no coincidence that the world community through the auspices of the United Nations has condemned Israel for being one of the most ethnocentric states on the planet.”

The Anti-Semitic propaganda has been defined in such a way that it gives ALL authority and Power to a select few….What has happened in this country? and around the world?

Can people wake UP now and smell the coffee? Our Laws are being written AND defined by a “Select” Few and the agenda has already been laid out in front of us for all to see. —The HateCrime Bill that was stuck into the DOD Budget and was passed last year,  is another example and one step closer for all Non-Jews aka Disagreers of those that claim to be Jews,  being persecuted and then loosing our heads by the Powers that Be.

So hey, have you tried it or experienced Anti-semitism condemnation yet…go out and disagree with a person that claims they are a Jew or disagree with Israeli actions or Stand up for an Arab Semite or invoke what/where in our Constitution states about “Peace Keeper Missions” aka Military aggression in foreign lands or ask for a  foreign policy in ME that excludes funding to Israel or Bringing our Troops home and ending the war in Iraq and surrounding areas which shows aggression towards their neighbors and discover the truth for yourself….it is an EYE opening experience….This is stated NOT to encourage in any form or fashion hatred toward Jewry, but to experience how the policy/law they “The Powers that Be”,   have tilted the law and public opinion against us in their favor thru the use of propaganda and media control.

A very interesting poem by a person that IMO—feels Cain got the short end of the stick? What’s your opinion?

Charles Baudelaire
chanté par Léo Ferré

Race of Abel, sleep, eat and drink;
God smiles on you complacently.
Race of Cain, crawl on your belly,
Die in the mire wretchedly.

Race of Abel, your sacrifice
Delights the nose of the Seraphim!
Race of Cain, will there ever be
An ending to your punishment?

Race of Abel, see your sowing
And your cattle thrive and flourish;
Race of Cain, your bowels
Howl with hunger like an old dog.

Race of Abel, warm your belly
At your patriarchal hearth;
Race of Cain, shiver with the cold
In your cavern, wretched jackal!

Race of Abel, love, pullulate!
Even your gold has progeny.
Race of Cain, with the burning heart,
Beware of those intense desires.

Race of Abel, you browse and grow
Like the insects of the forest!
Race of Cain, along the highways
Drag your destitute family.

Ah! race of Abel, your carcass
Will fertilize the steaming soil!
Race of Cain, your appointed task
Has not been adequately done;

Race of Abel, your disgrace is:
The sword is conquered by the pike!
Race of Cain, ascend to heaven,
And cast God down upon the earth!

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Who was Cain? Who was his father…..really?

In the Greek New Testament, Cain is referred to as εκ του πονηρου. In at least one translation this is rendered “from the evil one” , while others have “of the evil one.” Some interpreters take this to mean that Cain was literally the son of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. A parallel idea can be found in Jewish tradition, that the serpent (Hebrew nahash נחש) from the Garden of Eden was father to firstborn Cain.

Genesis 3:1, 13, 14, 15: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between they seed and her seed; it shall bruise thee, and thou shall bruise his heel. Chapter 4:1-2 And she again bare his brother Abel (Twins perhaps, one Adam’s, One Serpent’s?) 25: And Adam knew his wife again and bare a son and called his name Seth: For God appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.   A possible precursor to what followed in Chapter 6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they choose.

All the great prophets of the Lord come from the SEED of Adam and Eve, beginning with the lines of SETH….even to that of Jesus Christ, ever wonder WHY that is??  Cain and his descendants, Jealousy, Hatred, Revenge against God’s creation begins to make sense.

Zechariah 14:21 “…And in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite in the house of the Lord of Hosts.”

Who were/are the Cainites “The Powers That Be”? http://www.worldmag.com/articles/11782


5 thoughts on “Defining Anti-Semitism condemnation

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  2. Here is an example of what I refer too……from a person who claims to be a Jew…..

    “HA! I KNEW IT! A fool like you WOULD quote Romans. That’s a grand excuse isn’t it? You and your so called NEW TESTAMENT, just another EXCUSE! That’s all it really means to you. Where is Christ in any of your words? Your anger speaks more of the devil than of anything Holy.
    You hate the Jews because they will not bow to your Roman religion. I do not bow to Rome, will you also tar me with the same brush? Of course, You and all of the rest would like to burn me at the stake just as you did to my ancestors but we managed to survive in spite of you. AND WE’RE STILL HERE! How does you like them apples? NYA NYA NYA NYA
    looky at the roman caw like the death crow. And you have the almighty gaul to call yourselves followers of Jesus. HA!

  3. Know this was not written or posted in regards to our disagreements. Honey could I tell you some tales of absolute hatred that is running around the internet!! Unbelievable hatred and it is directed at those who believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, the son of Man, and the Lamb of God…… and to add more fuel to that flame, those who also disagree with the US support regarding foreign policy in the ME…..they are mean, nasty, hateful, vile, so full of vicious malevolent anger that is blows my mind!

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