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Israeli attack on the Flotilla: A few perspectives



Prior to the Israeli attack:

Israel was so intent on concealing the truth about its terrorist attack on the “Free Gaza” flotilla that it not only cut off all communications from the passengers but confiscated an estimated $3.5 million of their cameras, cell phones, computers, etc., which it refuses to return.

Yet, two invaluable video records of the attack exist. The first is a preliminary report by Al Jazeera TV up to the time two activists had been killed. After that, Israel evidently sabotaged its satellite transmissions.

The second is an hour-long record of the pre-dawn hours of May 31, just before the Israeli attack, by Korean-Brazilian film producer Iara Lee. Unlike all other passengers, she smuggled her video record (in her underwear) to the outside world. (The attack begins 33 minutes into the video.)


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  1. The flotilla’s ability to focus the globe on what has been happening over there has been unparalleled. I think it will break the blockade. At least it has got so many of the governments working together again behind the scenes. This is a good thing. Now if everyone would keep their mitts off the buttons over there, we could relax and enjoy summer.

    More pictures of the colt, please. (I guess it was a filly?)

    • SH
      Well said girlfriend! Hopefully nothing else will set off a powder keg —-we can hope and pray anyway that all goes well for all sides there.

  2. SH
    Well maybe the death and injury of the passengers/humanitarians/activists/terrorists/whatever label they end up being called, of the one ship will not be in vain in the long haul. Maybe this will bring about the end of the blockade in Gaza as now the world is watching much more closely to the happenings and goings on over there?

  3. update

    An Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, is reporting that the Turkish Prime Minister is mulling the prospect of not only sending his navy to escort the next flotilla; he may even be a passenger on one of the boats!

    The organization putting these flotillas together has only enough money for one more flotilla but I am certain more money will come to them.

    • Wouldn’t that be something…the Turkish PM on one of those ships?….hmmm….I really don’t see that happening, but stranger things have happened…hahahaha

  4. Finally, the vessel was later boarded without incidet and is being towed to Ashdod. Happily the passengers aboard this ship were altogether different in their philosophy in civil disobedience. They are truly non-violent. As for the Israelis, no helicopters were used this time.

    Below from CNN:

    Former Assistant U.N. Secretary-General Denis Halliday, also aboard the Rachel Corrie, said Thursday the passengers had no plans to confront the Israelis.

    “We will stand back and show we are harmless and unarmed — we will put up no resistance,” he said. “We’re not going to make any silly mistakes.”

    Israel said its naval blockade is in place to stop weaponry from reaching militants in Gaza intent on attacking Israel.

    “If, as is their stated intention, the Israeli government intercepts the Rachel Corrie, the government demands that it demonstrate every restraint,” said Martin. He called on Israel to lift its blockade.

  5. FROM THE jp

    At about 5:50 am on Saturday, the first reports came in over Twitter that the ‘Rachel Corrie’ had been boarded close to Gaza. Earlier the activists reported that their radar had been jammed, however their Twitter accounts continued to operate.

    The activists reported that three boats were following them for about twenty minutes and then that they had been boarded.

    The passengers are said to be under arrest.

    A couple of hours before the ship was seized, a Malaysian NGO which was co-sponsoring the ship, “Perdana Global Peace Organization” stated on its website that the ship’s passengers had agreed to let an international force search the ship, before it proceeded to Gaza. The statement said that, while the activists rejected Israel’s right to blockade Gaza, the activists “request and invite for an independent international body, preferably inspectors from the the United Nations to board the ship and do the necessary to certify as to the nature of the cargo on board.”

    The Malaysian NGO described the ship as a joint Irish-Malaysian effort. The organization’s website describes its mission as to “oppose war and champion peace and global understanding.”

    Before the ship made its offer, Irish Foreign Minister, Dr. Michael Martin reached an agreement with Israel, whereby the Rachel Corrie would proceed to Ashdod where its contents would be checked, unloaded and then shipped to Gaza under observation of representatives of the activists, the UN and the Irish government. The activists rejected this offer, insisting on breaking the Israeli blockade. They did however give assurances that they would not resist the IDF, should it decide to board the ship. The White House later expressed support for the agreement and called on the ship to dock at Ashdod.

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