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Bad Cops and Stupid Census Workers!

Yuba City, CA

Police kill 67 year old grandmother in her own home,  after an alleged census worker knocks on her door around 9:30 pm,  stating to police that the woman pulled a gun on her.

Okay—so what is wrong with this story? Why would a “census worker” be knocking on doors at that time of night? And why wouldn’t a home owner be allowed to pull a gun on someone coming to their door that late at night for possible self-defense?

Oh that’s right,  We The People have no right anymore to defend ourselves against invasion by the Federal Government!


On 4/2/2011, it came to my attention that the video has been removed and many stories recounting this terror/murder has been ALTERED to show the happening a bit different from the ORIGINAL incident!


I’m looking for another video to add back to this story.


7 thoughts on “Bad Cops and Stupid Census Workers!

  1. “They shot her dead,” Roger-Vasselin’s distraught son, Christian Biscotti, said outside the house Friday morning.

    “I think she was just startled” by late visits to her home, he said.

    My theory exactly. The officers probably just got her upset and unglued and she was not even aware she pointed the gun at them. It sounds like the cops rushed her – did not give her much time. The investigation will tell. Keep us posted. SH and Imp

  2. UPDATE: Y.C. woman killed by police pointed gun at officers
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    May 22, 2010 01:00:00 AM
    By Rob Young/Appeal-Democrat

    A 67-year-old Yuba City woman was shot and killed by officers when she pointed a shotgun at them and refused to put it down, Yuba City police said Friday.

    Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin was pronounced dead late Thursday at her home at 764 Mariner Loop in an affluent neighborhood on the city’s far south side.

    An autopsy Friday showed she died of “multiple gunshot wounds,” said Sutter County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Brenda Baker.

    A neighbor reported hearing five or six shots.

    Roger-Vasselin was the sister of the late Thomas E. Mathews, a Yuba County judge and district attorney who died in 2005.

    “They shot her dead,” Roger-Vasselin’s distraught son, Christian Biscotti, said outside the house Friday morning.

    “I think she was just startled” by late visits to her home, he said.

    More of this story:

  3. Maybe THIS is why the woman went to the door with a gun!!!! The Census worker needs to be brought up on charges too IMO!!!

    59 arrested in Northern Calif gang takedown
    The Associated Press
    Posted: 06/03/2010 01:07:45 PM PDT
    Updated: 06/03/2010 03:31:46 PM PDT

    YUBA CITY, Calif.—Dozens of suspected gang members were arrested Thursday in five Northern California counties during a raid that authorities hope will dismantle one of the region’s largest gangs.

    More than 300 local and state law enforcement served search warrants from Yuba to Stanislaus counties targeting the Norteno gang. It followed a similar effort in April when nearly 100 suspected gang members were arrested in Salinas after a spate of killings there over the past two years.

    Authorities seized 24 firearms and 11 pounds of drugs, including methamphetamine that was smuggled from Mexico. In all, 59 people have been arrested, 33 of which were caught Thursday.

    “Tragically, those arrested today chose to join dangerous gangs that deal in meth and murder,” California Attorney General Jerry Brown said. “By removing them from society, we are disrupting their criminal activities and making the people of Northern California safer.”

    Authorities in recent weeks have arrested five suspected gang members they say are responsible for four separate slayings of the rival Sureno gang between March 2004 and July 2005.

    Among them were Robert Salazar, 24, who oversaw the gang’s activity in the Sacramento Valley for the past couple of years. He was charged in the March 2004 murder of Francisco Villanueva in Yuba City and is being held without bail.

    Villanueva was killed while he sat in a car with his 6-year-old nephew. The child was not injured.
    More on this story:

  4. The cop should be suspended and an investigation begun immediately.

    I mention hearing/seeing because that means she was fragile and not someone you would take on with a gun. She did indeed have every right to go to the door with a gun that late at night. Her husband or whatever relation the man was to her was already at the door with a gun when police arrived and she was backing him up. Did they ask her to put down the gun? Or did they shoot first? And why shoot her 7 times – a small blond lady? AND WHY leave her body there over night unattended. Animals could have got at it and what a sight for young children never mind the disrespect. They could have called family – they could have called the medical examiner. You can take a body from a crime scene before the scene is fully investigated. This whole thing is very strange and again, I did not hear the the policemen were suspended pending an investigation which is usual procedure in most communities in the nation.

  5. SH
    This was a tragedy of extreme proportions!! Whatever were those cops thinking??? I’m hoping to find more of this story to see why the son was being arrested too…..
    Maybe you have a point that the grandmother couldn’t see well or hear good, but whatever the reason, she sure had a right to go to her door with a loaded gun that late a night to question who the hell was knocking on it!
    Hope they bring that cop up on charges!

  6. Poor woman was probably 1/2 and could not see/hear properly. This is a tragedy of the highest order. When I am 97 remind me to live in an armed compound. It will be the only way we can be safe these days.

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