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No Peace for the Self-Righteous

And so the saga of the worm turns yet again in the Middle East. Looks like the elite extremist Zionist agenda pushes yet another Obama  button.

Whatever will they say or do next? Attack another US ship as they did the USS Liberty? Maybe another 9/11 attack and blame another country? Hey, they want us to attack Iran, smells like another false flag attack in the making to me!

It worked last time and most of the sheeple of America did not even question a thing! I know because I USED to be one of those sap sucking- flag-waving-star spangled sheeple myself! Even proudly sent my son off to the war in Iraq under my delusions of “Protecting America” from her enemies…LMAO

One must wonder,  just WHO are America’s enemies besides those we so stupidly elected?  Why I would say those that have attacked us with PROOF and FACTS along with eye witness accounts. Don’t recall that with 9/11…..only allot of smoke and mirrors and propaganda of who MIGHT have….yeah…thanks big brother for the delusion. Hope you don’t mind bro, but I plan to sit out the next false flag you invent.

Israel continues their hateful agenda–rejects US talk of peace

Israel to deport Palestinians from the illegally held Occupied West Bank

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3 thoughts on “No Peace for the Self-Righteous

  1. TMJ
    Zion may mean ‘heaven”, but terminology changes everyday in todays culture. One mans heaven is anothers, hell.

  2. Psalms 129:5 “Those who hate Zion shall be ashamed and turned aback”

    I lived in NY on 9/11. Everyone knows who did it. Everyone except Jew haters of course.
    Over 500 Jews were murdered on 9/11, so, IF the 19 hijackers ALL A-rabs did this, they did a sloppy job being so called Jews.

    Obama hates Israel and hates Jews. He has no “Zion” influence in this administration. The Israeli-govt has a bunch of dictators in it, that treat their people like sh*t, at LEAST we could have some mercy on them, since we are going through the same thing with Obla bla & HIS admin.

    In 1967, Israel was not an ally, (re. USS Liberty) England and France were the allies of the state of Israel. Israel won the 67 War, because Gods words are not void. “I will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel” Thats just the way it is.

    In 1976, Egypt and Israel signed a ‘FALSE peace’ treaty, that alloted both nations to receive 2.7 billion American US dollars, nobody said a word. Right wing Jews like me, are AGAINST foreign aid, nobody wants a welfare state, we already have that with ILLEGALS in America and minorites that hate this nation.

    Last year we gave Pakistan, a nuclear nation that hates America more than we gave any other nation, except for the PLO of course, in which Obama, the “Messiah” gave an extra 920.3 Million USD to help more rockets to bomb Israel.

    I want ILLEGALS depoted OUT of America, so wanting Israel to have to deal with these terrorists/ILLEGALS is contradictory– (which PLO Charter calls for the obliteration of Israel), Any SANE mind, they would want little terrorists like this out of their nation.

    Why dont the Fakestinians live in the Trans Jordan, which is rightfully theirs?
    Answer: They tried to murder the King of Jordan, and the Jordanians threw them out, after killing 20 thousand FAKEstinians, after the FAKEstinians attempt to kill their king. This is not just an Israeli problem, it is a problem with violent, Moslem out of control extremists called HAMAS.

    You should see that “Zion” means highest point; HEAVEN.
    It is BOLSHEVIK MIND-fkers that are screwing our lives up, not some Jews that live in their homeland.

    Of course, you have your freedom to feel the way you do, but having freedom means presenting some facts.

    I cannot imagine any sane person siding with Iran, since Ahmadinejad is presently hanging with, (this very weekend)
    President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)- who is responsible for 90 whites murdered in South Africa a day – in the most quiet genocide of the 21 century.
    Selah- Think about it.
    Israel right now is helping South Africa deal with this, I guess those pesky Zionists are up to “evil” eh?

    • TMJ
      Thank you for your comment. You have given me some info that I need to research.
      I agree that the “Zionist” that I refer to are the ones in power—the mini dictators and is NOT a reference to ALL people of the Jewish faith.
      They also TOTALLY SURROUND Obama and influence him—they are the ones that I refer to in America, for lack of a better word, as COMMIES.
      As to being ‘against” Israel, well as I see it these days, and from what many US soldiers are saying about some of the activities over there, I say something smells like yesterdays diapers. Things are NOT as the media would have us believe and it takes just a bit of research to find the treaties and see that they are NOT being honored.
      When I see suffering of ANY people or race of people it stirs my blood, regardless of WHO is doing it. That IMO, the Zionist now feel they can use the Old Testament to make a land grab and make it into international Law is TOTALLY unbelievable.
      The ‘DEED” to that land belongs to GOD and only HE has the power to invoke who it belongs to, not man and not people that broke the covenant and voided whatever promise was made based on their lack of faith in Him.
      I’m NOT judging anyone, but just telling it how I see things.
      They did not fulfill their end, thus God scattered them to the wind and from his promised land.

      Romans 4:13-14 For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith. 14 For if they which are of the law be heirs, faith is made void, and the promise made of none effect.

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