Bin Laden: Alive? or Speaking from the grave via memorex?

Here is a VERY interesting video where Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto states very casually that Bin Laden was killed…..of course, she was murdered not long after this interview.

Below is the caption from the video:

“Tried to email Al-Jazeera for clarification of this claim. As yet NO response. After the BBC censored this clip and then reinstated it, then some of them now claiming they NEVER censored it, the mystery DEEPENS. With Benazir Bhutto assassinated the motive arises in that she quite clearly leads not only her death to the door of the Pakistanis but also responsibility for the 9/11 attacks are implicated as well. Aired on 2nd November 2007,David Frost the presenter did not challenge her on her assertion (2:14) that Bin Laden was murdered, so maybe he was and the West has not announced it.
It would make sense that the West would cover up such a truth, as Bin Laden is needed as a “bogeyman” to continue the farcical “War on Terror””

Did she KNOW too much?

Another State Of The Union Address preceded by the phantom menace

Steve Watson
Monday, Jan 25, 2010

A purportedly new audio tape of Osama Bin Laden claiming responsibility for the failed Christmas Day underwear bombing attempt has surfaced, once again, at the most politically opportune time for the White House, with the State of The Union Address now just 48 hours away.

The voice on the tape, claiming to be Bin Laden, personally addresses the president with the opening “From Osama to Obama.”

The tape, aired by Al Jazeera yesterday, praises the actions of “the heroic warrior” Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab, and warns that “God willing, our attacks against you will continue as long as you maintain your support to Israel.”

It is unclear as to why Bin Laden waited over four weeks to deliver his message at a time when the underwear bomber story has all but dropped out of the headlines.

One thing is certain however, Al Qaeda seem to like running P.R. for the White House. Previously tapes have been released hours before the State of The Union Address in both 2006 and 2007. Bin Laden also previously popped up on the eve of the 2004 election, leading the late Walter Cronkite to muse that the whole farce was a Karl Rove orchestrated set-up.

With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq still at the height of unpopularity, Obama has found his approval rating lower at this stage than for any US president since Eisenhower…….”