America Under Attack! Sunstein’s Unconstitutional Idealogy in our Court System?

Cass Sunstein is an animal rights activist with some pretty extreme views including banning hunting and eating meat, who also wants, not only regulations on the internet of what we can view, but to re-enact the Fairness Doctrine, to restrict what we can hear. And to top it off, he wants to control and revise property rights of which we own. Add to this, the promotion and advocacy of the Economic Bill Of Rights by FDR, his comparing the Institution of Traditional Marriage to that of a membership at a country club, harvesting organs from people without permission, saying an adult dog is more rational than a baby, claiming fetus “Use women as Incubators”, then what do you have?

UN-AMERICAN Sociopath is what I’d call it.

Plain and simple, un-american ideology which goes against everything our forefathers fought and died for!

Sunstein concludes that the Internet is in need of regulation because free choice does not always produce genuine freedom. Nothing characterizes Sunstein’s concept of freedom more than Rousseau’s injunction that men must be forced to be free(Jan.27,2009)…


Exclusive: Ellis Washington highlights czar’s disregard for liberty, Natural Law

“What Mussolini, Stalin and Mao did in the light to harm their citizens and deny them their fundamental human rights, Cass Sunstein, as Obama’s regulatory czar, will do in the night by slowly, irrevocably regulating America to death.”


Obama ‘Regulatory Czar’ has Secret Animal-Rights Agenda, Says Consumer Group Cass Sunstein supports outlawing hunting, phasing out meat eating, giving animals the right to file lawsuits; expert available for comment Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) January 15, 2009 — The nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom ( said today that Cass Sunstein, the Harvard University Law School professor tapped by President Obama to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, has a secret aim to push a radical animal-rights agenda in the White House. Sunstein supports outlawing sport hunting, giving animals the legal right to file lawsuits, and using government regulations to phase out meat consumption. In a 2007 speech at Harvard University, Sunstein argued in favor of entirely “eliminating current practices such as … meat eating.” He also proposed: “We ought to ban hunting, I suggest, if there isn’t a purpose other than sport and fun. That should be against the law. It’s time now.” Sunstein wrote in his 2004 book “Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions ” that “animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives … Any animals that are entitled to bring suit would be represented by (human) counsel, who would owe guardian-like obligations and make decisions, subject to those obligations, on their clients’ behalf.” The Center for Consumer Freedom’s Director of Research, David Martosko, is available to discuss Cass Sunstein’s likely impact on typical elements of American life that involve the use of animals. Sunstein’s work could spell the end of animal agriculture, retail sales of meat and dairy foods, hunting and fishing, biomedical research, pet ownership, zoos and aquariums, traveling circuses, and countless other things Americans take for granted. Mr. Martosko said: “Cass Sunstein owes Americans an honest appraisal of his animal rights agenda as America’s top regulator. Americans don’t realize that the next four years could be full of bizarre initiatives plucked from the wildest dreams of the animal-rights fringe.

*Think about every outrageous idea PETA and the Humane Society of the United States have ever had, and imagine them all having the force of federal law. *

This doesn’t look good for hunters, ranchers, restaurateurs, biomedical researchers, or ordinary pet owners.” For an interview with Mr. Martosko about how Cass Sunstein’s appointment will serve the radical animal rights movement’s agenda in the White House, or for more information, contact Sarah Kapenstein at 202-463-7112.


Sunstein urges: Abolish Marriage, Adviser compares Institution to country club membership

Posted: October 23, 2009   12:30 am Eastern By Aaron Klein © 2009 WorldNetDaily

The U.S. government should abolish its sanctioning of marriage, argued Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s regulatory czar.

Sunstein proposed that the concept of marriage should become privatized, with the state only granting civil union contracts to couples wishing to enter into an agreement.

Sunstein explained marriage licensing is unnecessary, pointing out people stay committed to organizations like country clubs and homeowner associations without any government interference.

“Under our proposal, the word marriage would no longer appear in any laws, and marriage licenses would no longer be offered or recognized by any level of government,” wrote Sunstein and co-author Richard Thaler in their 2008 book, “Nudge: Improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness.”

In the book – obtained and reviewed by WND – Sunstein explains his approach would ensure that “the only legal status states would confer on couples would be a civil union, which would be a domestic partnership agreement between any two people…..”

Also by Sunstein—Get READY for this folks!!!!

He also strongly pushed for the removal of organs from deceased individuals who did not explicitly consent to becoming organ donors.

Sunstein and Thaler discussed multiple legal scenarios regarding organ donation. One possibility presented in the book, termed by Sunstein as “routine removal,” posits that “the state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions, and it can remove their organs without asking anyone’s permission.”

“Though it may sound grotesque, routine removal is not impossible to defend,” wrote Sunstein. “In theory, it would save lives, and it would do so without intruding on anyone who has any prospect for life.”

More on Cass Sunstein at WND

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Obama is ALSO against Animal Breeders and Hunters!! Senator Barack Obama has been endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) the wealthiest animal rights organization in the country with a well-known anti-hunting, anti-breeding agenda. After years of issuing anti-hunting statements, HSUS has transformed their campaign to end hunting calling it “the Wildlife Abuse Campaign”, claiming they are merely fighting cruelty. HSUS leaders are highly skilled at presenting their animal rightist views and restrictive legislation under the label “humane” in order to advance their agenda, and Senator Obama appears to have fallen in line with their scheme. Senator Obama and HSUS have courted each other since he was endorsed and funded for the Illinois senatorial race in 2004. Viewing the Humane Society Legislative Fund 2007 Presidential Questionnaire, Senator Obama answered “yes” nearly across the board, pledging support for HSUS initiatives.


Obama’s Favorite For Supreme Court Justice Sunstein Wants To Ban Guns, Free Speech

Steve Watson
Friday, Jan 15, 2010

“Cass Sunstein, president Obama’s appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and the man who outlined a plan for the government to infiltrate “conspiracy groups” in order to undermine them, is in direct line for a promotion to Supreme Court Justice.

Sunstein, already in an advanced position of power in the White House as Regulatory czar, has already called for strict restrictions on gun ownership, an internet “Fairness Doctrine”, and an effective ban on free speech where dissenting opinions to those of the government are expressed.

Suntein’s name was on various shortlists to replace Justice David Souter last year following his retirement, and prior to the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor. Sunstein’s name was also touted for the Supreme Court before Obama even took office in November 2008.

His close personal relationship with Obama should set alarm bells ringing for anyone who values the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, particularly as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, now aged 75, is likely to take retirement soon following illness, and with Justice John Paul Stevens now aged 90.

Sunstein and Obama go way back from their faculty days at the University of Chicago law school and are firm friends. Sunstein worked as an advisor to Obama during his presidential campaign and was drafted into the White House soon after Obama won the election.

As Obama’s “Information Czar”, Sunstein effectively interprets the law for the Executive. Sunstein operates in a similar, but much more elevated, role to that of former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo, who infamously re-interpreted the law to legally sanction torture under the Bush Administration.

As we highlighted in our article yesterday, Sunstein has outlined plans for the government to infiltrate “conspiracy groups”, including the 9/11 Truth Movement, in order to undermine them via postings on chat rooms and social networks, as well as real meetings.

Sunstein has effectively penned the blueprint for a Cointelpro “provocateur” style program to silence what have become the government’s most vociferous and influential critics.

The specifics of the plans must be read in full in order to gauge their extreme nature and the threat Sunstein poses to the freedom in America.

On page 14 of Sunstein’s January 2008 white paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories,” he proposed that “under imaginable conditions” the government “might ban conspiracy theorizing” and could “impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories.”

In effect, Obama’s information czar wants to tax or ban outright, as in make illegal, opinions and ideas that the government doesn’t approve of.

Sunstein’s definition of a “conspiracy theorist” encompasses those who question manmade global warming and, most bizarrely, anyone who believes that sunlight is healthy for their bodies.

Presumably if Sunstein had been in power in the latter middle ages he would have attempted to tax and then ban the work of Galileo Galilei for subscribing to the theory that the Earth was not the centre of the universe and that it actually revolved around the Sun….”

(Go to link below for the whole indepth story)


“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms..disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.” – Thomas Jefferson quoting Cesare Beccaria, Criminologist in 1764.

The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” -Thomas Jefferson

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” -Thomas Jefferson

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