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NWO Political Media technique: Problem-Reaction-Solution. Are we ASKING them to enslave us?

Be careful what you ask for, you just might GET IT!

They create a ‘problem’. We react demanding a solution to the problem. Then they “create ” implement a solution that takes away more of our freedoms and liberties.

When I see Ann Coulter agreeing with the ACLU about the lameness of using body scanners at the airports, I KNOW in my heart something more controlling and physically less invasive is coming! Will this be the catalyst that brings about the RFID chip or it’s sister, the ID bracelets? Keep your eyes and ears open on this subject  folks. I think it is gonna be a very important factor in our future freedoms.

Below explains some of the media hype we see everyday and why they do it.

“The NWO and their political / media / clandestine operatives use a technique called Problem-Reaction-Solution where a situation is created for which the public demands a solution — by orchestrating the problem and manipulating the reaction, a solution, originally desired, is effected. It accomplishes their goal while the public thinks they had some input. This process is repeated over and over and is evident in the current Immigrant demonstrations that have been organized by the elites at the top to foment unrest and division in America. Events are created and managed to accomplish the elite’s desired goals with the politicians and the corporate media as accomplices and facilitators — all moving incrementally towards the creation of the New World Order.”
“Add to this the elite’s ownership of and control of media corporations, 40,000 lobbyists, hundreds of think tanks, the foundations, the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and countless other groups that ‘control the dialogue’ and provide both parties (the duopoly) with mountains of propaganda to create distractions and wedge issues (abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, etc); or the latest ‘trivia news saturation’ (missing blondes, rapes at Duke, a Kennedy in rehab) while the greater issues of the day are conveniently disregarded. All this and more is arrayed against the lone American citizen struggling to understand what is happening to his country and the world. It is no wonder that the American citizen is not informed — by design, of course.”

Mark Twain once said that if one does not read the newspaper he is uninformed and misinformed if he does.”

Nothing important gets into the corporate media unless officially created, sanctioned, approved or leaked on purpose.

“Nothing important gets into the corporate media unless officially created, sanctioned, approved or leaked on purpose. I cite two recent examples of media manipulation, omission and/or fabrication.”

“The NSA domestic spying story: Spying has been standard operating procedure by the US government for decades against its own citizens — the story was held by the New York Times before the 2004 elections but was released in December 2005!

Why? Certainly not to inform the unwitting and manipulated public! The New York Times publisher was at the White House discussing this story prior to its release, raising suspicions about the motivation. The ensuing (staged with the usual talking points) controversy favored increasing the president’s powers ‘in time of war’ and even a censure (slap on the wrist) from Sen. Russ Feingold had no traction because of the spineless Democratic members. So, what was the point? To further condition Americans to the idea that spying on them was to protect them from terrorists and that giving up liberty for security was an acceptable sacrifice. The lopsided Judicial Committee (10 Republicans and. 8 Democrats — why even bother?) had hearings (dog and pony shows) to reinforce the idea of the war powers of the president. Manipulation of public perception seemed to be the primary motivation.”

Gatekeepers — the So-Called Liberal Media Also Cover for the Elites

The corporate media and the liberal gatekeepers, not surprisingly, are funded by the same elite structures — foundations and corporations — whose mission it is to protect the elite and their shadow government that are truly in control, while they distract the public with their mindless drone about Hollywood and sports celebrities.



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12 thoughts on “NWO Political Media technique: Problem-Reaction-Solution. Are we ASKING them to enslave us?

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  7. AFVET
    Thank you. Many people already know some of this stuff I’m sure, but it’s news to me. LOL
    Sometimes I feel like I’ve been living a dream and have woken up in a different place, different land.
    I find it harder and harder to find TRUTH or justice in this world—-All we can do is work hard and try to STOP the flow of hate and corruption that is surrounding us.
    Beginning with the 2010 elections–God Willing they take place.

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  10. Great post Lisa.
    Knowledge is power, ignorance will hurt you every time.
    I loved the Mark Twain statement.
    He never trusted politicians, or Washington.
    Seems times change, but mainly stay the same.
    Elections have consequences.

    The American People have had it, Let Freedom Ring !
    Hope we aren’t too late.

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