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Bilderbergers: Creating a New World Order or completing “Work of the Ages”?

“All this chaos, genocide, ethnic cleansing and the overall disasters have a genuine purpose. It is all very carefully planned by a few people, mostly men,  behind the scenes, high up in the society, above any power structure that the ordinary citizen is aware of. It is a modern extension of an old theme to “take over the world”. To those people, power, control and wealth is their true religion and they use any means they can to maintain their power and control, including murder and genocide.

These people on top, who basically claim to be of “royal bloodlines” (Kenites-Sons of Cain via Satan & Eve), are currently working on reducing the world population in order to easier maintain their control, and ultimately the strive towards a centralization of power, a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT SYSTEM.

This is a very old plan; something the same bloodlines have been working towards for millennia. However, now is the time when they have the means to accomplish their goal and fulfill the “Work of the Ages”. They see us citizens as inferior and are dehumanizing us in their own minds to the extent that they don’t care if we live or if we die. In a future Global Society, if they manage to accomplish this to its full extent, you and I will be no more than slaves, whom they can kill and treat as they want anytime they want.

Many people call this the New World Order, but it is really an Old World Order which is now about to be fully accomplished, unless we do something about it.”–Wes Penre, Illuminati News

JFK WARNED US and died for it!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Interview was conducted on March of 2007 where Brzezinski (Obama’s Foreign Policy Advisor) openly discusses and jokes about his affiliation with these globalist think tanks.

The Bilderberg group and their secret and not so secret meetings have all had one main objective – how to reduce the number of human beings on the planet. These New World Order elitist scumbags are dictating who has the right to live and who doesn’t.


Who are/were members of the Bilderberg Group?

Josef Ackermann Business 7-Feb-1948 CEO of Deutsche Bank
Umberto Agnelli Business 1-Nov-1934 27-May-2004 Chairman of Fiat, 2003-04
Fouad Ajami Author 9-Sep-1945 Director of Middle East Studies, SAIS
Paul Allaire Business 21-Jul-1938 Twice CEO of Xerox
Graham T. Allison Scholar 23-Mar-1940 Kennedy School of Government
Joaquin Almunia Politician 17-Jun-1948 EU Economic Affairs Commissioner
Roger C. Altman Business c. 1945 CEO of Evercore Partners
Ed Balls Politician 25-Feb-1967 British MP, Normanton
Robert L. Bartley Editor 12-Oct-1937 10-Dec-2003 Editor of the Wall Street Journal, 1979-2003
Evan Bayh Politician 26-Dec-1955 US Senator from Indiana
Queen Beatrix I Royalty 31-Jan-1938 Queen of the Netherlands
Ben Bernanke Economist 13-Dec-1953 Federal Reserve Chairman
Prince Bernhard Royalty 29-Jun-1911 1-Dec-2004 Prince of the Netherlands
Carl Bildt Head of State 15-Jul-1949 Foreign Minister of Sweden
Conrad Black Business 25-Aug-1944 Rapacious newspaper mogul
Charles G. Boyd Military 15-Apr-1938 Retired General, US Air Force
John Browne Business 20-Feb-1948 CEO of British Petroleum, 1995-2007
John H. Bryan Business 5-Oct-1936 CEO of Sara Lee, 1975-2000
William F. Buckley Columnist 24-Nov-1925 27-Feb-2008 National Review
William Bundy Government 24-Sep-1917 6-Oct-2000 Cold War advisor to JFK, LBJ
Peter Carington Government 6-Jun-1919 UK Foreign Secretary, 1979-82
Henri de Castries Business c. 1954 CEO of AXA
Ahmed Chalabi Government 30-Oct-1944 Prominent on the Iraqi Provisional Council
Raymond Chrétien Diplomat 20-May-1942 Canadian Ambassador to the US, 1995-2000
W. Edmund Clark Business c. 1947 CEO of Toronto Dominion Bank
Kenneth Clarke Politician 2-Jul-1940 Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1993-97
Bill Clinton Head of State 19-Aug-1946 42nd US President, 1993-2001
Marshall A. Cohen Business c. 1935 CEO of Molson, 1988-96
Timothy C. Collins Business c. 1956 Private equity, Ripplewood Holdings
Bertrand P. Collomb Business c. 1943 CEO of Lafarge SA, 1987-2003
Jon Corzine Politician 1-Jan-1947 Governor of New Jersey
Chester A. Crocker Government 29-Oct-1941 Asst. Secy. State, African Affairs, 1981-89
Claes Dahlbäck Business c. 1948 CEO of Investor AB, 1978-99
Tom Daschle Politician 9-Dec-1947 US Senator from South Dakota, 1987-2005
Paul G. Desmarais, Jr. Business 3-Jul-1954 Co-CEO of Power Corporation of Canada
John Deutch Government 27-Jul-1938 CIA Director, 1995-96
Chris Dodd Politician 27-May-1944 US Senator from Connecticut
Thomas E. Donilon Attorney c. 1955 O’Melvany and Myers
Esther Dyson Business 14-Jul-1951 EDventure Holdings, former ICANN director
Murray Edwards Business c. 1959 Canadian Natural Resources
Martha J. Farah Psychologist c. 1955 Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, UPenn
Dianne Feinstein Politician 22-Jun-1933 US Senator from California
Martin Feldstein Economist 25-Nov-1939 Reagan economist
Anthony S. Fell Business c. 1941 Chairman, RBC Capital Markets
Harold Ford Politician 11-May-1970 Congressman from Tennessee, 1997-2007
Stephen Friedman Business 21-Dec-1937 Former Partner, Goldman Sachs
Thomas Friedman Journalist 20-Jul-1953 New York Times
Melinda Gates Philanthropist 15-Aug-1964 Married to Bill Gates
Timothy F. Geithner Government 18-Aug-1961 US Secretary of the Treasury
David Gergen Columnist 9-May-1942 Advisor to Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton
Paul Gigot Columnist 1955 Wall Street Journal columnist
Donald E. Graham Journalist 22-Apr-1945 Washington Post CEO
Katharine Graham Publisher 16-Jun-1917 17-Jul-2001 Washington Post publisher, 1966-79
Richard Haass Government 1951 President, Council on Foreign Relations
Chuck Hagel Politician 4-Oct-1946 US Senator from Nebraska
Richard C. Holbrooke Diplomat 24-Apr-1941 US Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan
Allan Hubbard Economist 8-Sep-1947 George W. Bush economist
Kenneth Jacobs Business c. 1958 CEO of Lazard North America
Merit E. Janow Educator 13-May-1958 Professor of Int’l Affairs, Columbia University
Peter Jennings Journalist 29-Jul-1938 7-Aug-2005 Former anchor, ABC World News Tonight
James A. Johnson Business 24-Dec-1943 CEO of Fannie Mae, 1991-98
J. Bennett Johnston Politician 10-Jun-1932 US Senator from Louisiana, 1972-97
Vernon Jordan Business 15-Aug-1935 Advisor to Bill Clinton
Muhtar Kent Business c. 1952 CEO of Coca-Cola
Henry Kissinger Government 27-May-1923 US Secretary of State, 1973-77
Klaus Kleinfeld Business 6-Nov-1957 President and COO of Alcoa
Andrew S. B. Knight Journalist 1-Nov-1939 Editor of The Economist, 1974-86
Henry Kravis Business 6-Jan-1944 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Marie-Josée Kravis Economist 11-Sep-1949 President of MoMA
Bill Kristol Columnist 23-Dec-1952 Editor of The Weekly Standard
Neelie Kroes Government 19-Jul-1941 EU Commissioner of Competition
Jan Leschly Business ? CEO of SmithKline Beecham, 1994-2000
William J. Luti Military c. 1952 NSC Defense Policy Adviser
Peter Mandelson Politician 21-Oct-1953 EU Commissioner for Trade
Jessica Tuchman Mathews Government 1946 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Charles Mathias Politician 24-Jul-1922 US Senator from Maryland, 1969-87
Charlie McCreevy Politician 30-Sep-1948 EU Commissioner, Internal Market and Services
William J. McDonough Business c. 1934 President of New York Fed, 1993-2003
Frank J. McKenna Politician 19-Jan-1948 Canadian Ambassador to the US, 2005-06
Tom McKillop Business 19-Mar-1943 Chairman, Royal Bank of Scotland
George J. Mitchell Politician 20-Aug-1933 US Middle East Envoy
Bill Moyers Journalist 6-Jun-1934 NOW with Bill Moyers
Craig Mundie Business c. 1949 CTO of Microsoft
George Pataki Politician 24-Jun-1945 Governor of New York, 1995-2006
Henry M. Paulson Business 28-Mar-1946 US Secretary of the Treasury
Frank H. Pearl Business c. 1943 CEO of Perseus LLC
Richard Perle Government 16-Sep-1941 Prince of Darkness
Fredrik Reinfeldt Head of State 4-Aug-1965 Prime Minister of Sweden
Bill Richardson Politician 15-Nov-1947 Governor of New Mexico
Rozanne L. Ridgway Diplomat 22-Aug-1935 Asst. Secy. of State for Europe, 1985-89
Don Riegle Politician 4-Feb-1938 US Senator from Michigan, 1976-95
David Rockefeller Business 12-Jun-1915 Founder of the Trilateral Commission
Charlie Rose Talk Show Host 5-Jan-1942 Charlie Rose Show
Dennis B. Ross Diplomat c. 1949 US Middle East Envoy, 1992-2000
Lynn Forester de Rothschild Business 2-Jul-1954 Telecom executive
Barnett R. Rubin Educator c. 1950 The Fragmentation of Afghanistan
Mark Sanford Politician 28-May-1960 Governor of South Carolina
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer Politician 3-Apr-1948 NATO Secretary General, 2004-09
Eric Schmidt Business 1955 CEO of Google
Kathleen Sebelius Politician 15-May-1948 Governor of Kansas
John Shad Government 27-Jun-1923 Jul-1994 SEC Chairman, 1981-87
Robert B. Shapiro Business 4-Aug-1938 CEO of Monsanto, 1995-2000
George Shultz Government 13-Dec-1920 US Secretary of State, 1982-89
George Soros Business 12-Aug-1930 Hungarian financial speculator
Lesley Stahl Journalist 16-Dec-1941 60 Minutes
James B. Steinberg Government c. 1951 Deputy National Security Advisor, 1997-2001
Dennis Stevenson Business 19-Jul-1945 Chairman of HBOS
Lawrence H. Summers Economist 30-Nov-1954 US Treasury Secretary, 1999-2001
Peter Sutherland Government 25-Apr-1946 First Director General of the WTO
Peter Thiel Business 1967 Co-Founder of PayPal
Jean-Claude Trichet Business 20-Dec-1942 President, European Central Bank
Sanam Vakil Educator ? Mideast Scholar, SAIS
John Vinocur Journalist ? International Herald Tribune correspondent
Vin Weber Politician 24-Jul-1952 Congressman from Minnesota, 1981-93
John C. Whitehead Business 1922 US Deputy Secretary of State, 1985-89
Michael H. Wilson Politician 4-Nov-1937 Canadian Ambassador to the US
James Wolfensohn Business 1-Dec-1933 World Bank president, 1995-2005
Paul Wolfowitz Government 22-Dec-1943 President of the World Bank, 2005-07
Daniel Yergin Author 6-Feb-1947 The Prize
Robert Zoellick Government 25-Jul-1953 World Bank president


Governor of Texas, Rick Perry off to secret forum in Turkey

12:00 AM CDT on Thursday, May 31, 2007

By CHRISTY HOPPE / The Dallas Morning News

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey, today to speak at the super-secret Bilderberg Conference, a meeting of about 130 international leaders in business, media and politics.



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  14. Wicked/Good journalism here.
    This post is very enlightening.

    I heard Paul Allaire speak several times. He could put out a raging bon-fire in minutes, and was indicted for insider trading for selling Xerox stock, and take the stock price to it’s knees.
    However I don’t believe he was ever convicted.

    Well done Lisa.

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