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A Million “Racists” March on DC

live912No matter how good a persons vision is or IF they can even add the math, a thousand or a couple of million people makes no difference to the Rabid PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL SOCIALIST Loving Left!!

In their self-deluded versions, all these homegrown American protesters are ALL WHITE, RACIST, BIRTHERS, NAZIS, NEO-CONS, EXTREMIST, TERRORISTS, COWARDS and REPUBLICANS!


All I can say is do you not understand the English language??

Sorry but you can NOT press ONE for ENGLISH  at this time!!

Or maybe it’s a physical impairment and you need to use a box of Q-tips and if that doesn’t work, maybe some ear wax removal. If all else fails to improve your hearing, seek doctor care or perhaps  you should purchase a damned hearing aide, because you really ARE missing the WHOLE point and purpose of what is happening around you!!

Video: Time sped up to show the HUGE number of PATRIOTIC Americans as they march on DC.



How to “calculate” how many approximately attended.


And SOUTHERN PRIDE does NOT make a person RACIST!! Nor does flying the Confederate flag!! Read up on the REAL HISTORY of this flag and what it REALLY means!!

I Salute the Confederate Flag and for what it stands for!



3 thoughts on “A Million “Racists” March on DC

  1. William..

    The news media don’t want any person of color at the tea party to be televised. Its like what happened in Arizona when the media tried to make folks believe that the black man w/the rifle was a white man.

  2. William
    Thank you for that personal insight and experience. The TRUTH is getting out and it will continue to spread!!
    It is PAST time to end the corruption and fraud. We The People WILL be heard!!
    God Bless

  3. This writer was obviously not at the March and Rally. There was a great presence of Blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, Union Members and almost any other group you can separate the United States into. They were United, one people, one purpose… Convey to the people in Washington that we, the people, will no longer surrender more freedom to their whims.

    Almost 1 percent of the total population was there. I had my 11 year old daughter and was not fearful when she disappeared that she would return safely. The people were peaceful, even when accosted by Obama Clad demonstrators, who the police estimated to be about 15,000 weak. The only person I saw in a confromtation with police was one of them. I was in the area for nine hours, helped several who fell due to exhaustion, but by enlarge was compelled to join with the 912 march on Washingto. There were no deragotory.

    Lear to open your eyes and see what is REALLY happening.

    No swasticas, no hatred from the large presence of these people.

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