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obama: A Wolf Among Us


I’ve been listening to this BOGUS diatribe about persecuting those that have kept our nation safe and find it absolutely unbelievable that Obama is allowing and releasing TOP SECRET documents.

The way I was raised to believe, this is nothing LESS than a betrayal and traitorous act, so WHY is this new administration doing this? Why is Obama doing this? Is it being done to give OUR ENEMIES TOP SECRET  information without ‘appearing” to do so?

Classified information is sensitive information to which access is restricted by law ortraitor-1 regulation to particular classes of persons. A formal security clearance is required to handle classified documents or access classified data. The clearance process requires a satisfactory background investigation. There are typically several levels of sensitivity, with differing clearance requirements. This sort of hierarchical system of secrecy is used by virtually every national government. The act of assigning the level of sensitivity to data is called data classification.

One can only assume that there is a REASON for the release of  TOP SECRET documents and thus far since it is only targeted against the Bush Administration, that leads me to believe it is ONLY for Political reasons to further the Obama Admin agenda.

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  1. Rose
    If the laws were designed for war time, what has changed in that department? The war is still going on so the same rules should apply IMO.

  2. lisa, not trying to start in all over again but I’ve been thinking about this some more. If we rationalize violating the law because it is wartime and we might save lives then we open the door to allow our country to become a facist state. The laws were designed for wartime. We really don’t know if these violations helped or hurt our cause. I think we should always err on the side of the law. We will never know if we actually prevented another attack but we will always know that our government put itself above the law by rationalizing that it was done with the best intentions of the country. Would you really want Obama to have impunity from the law if he commits a crime while in office?

  3. Rose
    A bit of sarcasm to brighten both our days. I hope none of it comes true, even though the weathervane is pointing towards it.

  4. Anav
    Thank you, it was nice to hear from you.
    I have strived to bring the truth out for month’s and to do so, without being too biased. I call’em as I see’em on both sides.
    As to wordpress, it is really great once you get used to it. I’m still learning the ropes myself. :-}

  5. We were at war Rose. WE were attacked on our OWN soil. Bush and company did what they felt was the right thing to do to save and protect our nation. How can anyone today, go back and second guess the choices he made, right or wrong, while we had just been attacked? This is wrong on so many levels, that it blows my mind.

  6. oh oh, not too optimistic are you? heehee

    hey lisa, I’m glad we chatted… I have to go shop for dinner and get some schoolwork done. talk later?

  7. Here is my take on things.
    Our nation can be saved Rose, but not by bigger government–which is already corrupt, we both AGREE on that, but it is something that Obama has already expanded in his 100+ days in office.

    Second, we can not begin to payback TRILLIONS of Dollars in debt, unless he taxes the snot out of us for years!! No jobs, No tax money, no paying back all that debt = WAR. That is the plan as I see it…a NO WIN, NO WIN situation and that is the goal to force our Nation into a pact that will not only destroy our constitution and our rights as Americans, but place us under a FOREIGN Dictatorship, while Obama gets to play King Obama, for the rest of his days and makes us all into his slaves.

  8. Rose
    Our nation is not in balance. That is the problem IMO. Our government is overrun by the left agenda. This agenda is in both parties, and has set us up for the most part, for this economic hardship we are facing right now.
    As to ‘breaking the law’ to protect America, YES, I would damned well hope that any president I elected would take the steps, whatever they are, to protect our Nation and our people. If that means ‘waterboarding’ and making a few people uncomfortable, then so be it. They walked away, while many American sons got their heads chopped off.
    What you refer to as Crimes, I look at as a necessary evil.

  9. I know lisa, it’s scary. I don’t know what the outcome will be but whatever was done would have been tragic. Obama is just stalling the inevitable and if we had let people just fend for themselves, we’d be facing mass suicide, homelessness and dispair. Obama is essentially staving off our inevitable collapse. I wish we had cause to smile….but facing the mulititudes of problems just isn’t easy. I can only see more and more natural disasters that will suck us dry and what will be left will not be pretty. I quit drinking a couple of weeks ago, but maybe I should go back. what’s the point? hahaaha

  10. And Rose
    Obama LIED about his ‘transparency”. He gets a pass on everything he is or what he has done in his life, yet he wants to go after everyone that stands in his way to gain the power he seeks.

    He has however kept many of the promises he planned to do during his campaign, problem is, they are worse than what FDR did to our nation and we may not be able to recover from this destruction a 2nd time. WE are talking TRILLIONS of Dollars in debt, using freshly printed money that is NOT backed by anything and is as worthless as the paper it is printed on. Loans to China and other nations, sending other nations OUR Tax dollars, while our own people are suffering. the list goes on and on….

    Its a nightmare of no return as I see it.
    Sorry, I’m not having a good day….can’t find my smile, must have lost it outside.:-/

  11. I really do see your point lisa, and I am on the fence (my favorite place heehee) on this. I think our nation is damaged but to allow crimes to go unprosecuted sets a dangerous precedent. It really is a dilemma; imo, we’re damned either way. But to allow leaders to be above the law gives them way too much power. There has to be checks and balances and that’s what our justice system is for. Do you think our founding father’s thought that the president and vp should be immune from the laws of the land?

  12. lisa, I guess I am a bit out of sorts and prosecuting Bush and Cheney were not things I thought would be good for our country, but today I read an article and it just struck me that we need to hold those accountable for crimes committed no matter who they are or what reason they committed them. I depresses me that we can’t trust our leaders, no matter what party or persuasion. I know releasing the documents made our country look bad, but Obama ran on a platform of transparency and the truth can be harsh, but we should be given the truth, imo. Would you want the next admin to keep secret crimes that Obama committed? When will it all stop. What has become to our society? Where are the warriors of truth and justice?

    • Hi Rose,
      How can we as a Nation publicly go after our Ex-President and his admin without damaging our nation? To make matters even worse, we are at WAR, how do you think our troops feel? Some have fought for years under the Bush Admin and to be viewed as CRIMINALS because Obama and the ACLU has an agenda is a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to our National Security. Thus far they have already released Top Secret Memos. That was just the beginning of our downfall into the abyss. Obama better get ready because PAYBACK IS A BITCH!!

  13. Belle
    Thank you very much. That was a very nice compliment.

    Hope you got your settings worked out too??? That sounds odd??

  14. Hi Lisa I just stopped by real quick to post something and see if I was John Wayne or samiam60

  15. Rose
    Thank you for the kind words to my son. As to the torture, honey, they have done HORRIBLE things to our soldiers. THAT is torture, what we do is NOTHING compared to that and sorry, there is no way to change MY mind on this subject. Waterboarding is the easiest form of extracting info compared to what they have done. Now their is only laughter and mockery to be had from them—what little respect they had for us is now GONE and our soldiers will pay the price for our governments betrayal of them.

  16. sorry, I believe we should adhere to our agreements. It damages our credibility to do otherwise and risks the safety of our military. Our use of torture endangers any POW who must pay the price for our double standards.

    oh and lisa, I read that your son lost a friend in Iraq this week and I am profoundly sad for your son, his friend and his friend’s family.

  17. Yes I understand. But what I don’t understand is how so many others can not SEE what the man is doing or what he believes, when he is arrogantly rubbing the crap right in our faces.
    geez…just burns me to a crispy critter for sure!

    • HI Lisa
      didn’t know how to send you a message though here. still trying to figure this wordpress out.
      Just wanted to say hello and love reading your posts.
      You we’re right in so many ways!

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